Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Setting my sight...

This has been a crazy week... AND it's only Wednesday;)

Shane's been out of town on business-- sniff, sniff;(
the "BIG" boys are doing a half-day Y camp all week,

AND we are also providing respite care for a foster child with some special medical needs.
Our little foster child had the throw-ups this week too (long story...and I'll spare you the details, but it wasn't fun!!!)

AND on top of ALL that, I'm doing my best to get things together for our upcoming trip to the beach!
This week, I've been coordinating schedules, getting everyone to appointments as needed, meeting with social workers, attempting to keep up with the laundry, AND not loose a child in the CRAZINESS of it all--ha!

So far so good---at least on the not loosing a child part;)

 I've got my sight set on our vacation. 
Ahhh...the sound of the ocean, sand in my toes, wind in my hair,
 AND.....most likely...a little one on my hip---ha!
CAN'T WAIT THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A New Tutorial and Some Monogram Fun

Fixed the link to the tutorial! 

Is it tacky if EVERYTHING we own now has a monogram on it? (grin)
 Shane says he's getting a little nervous, and thinks that I may be going slightly overboard with this whole monogram thing. 
I say...Is there such a thing as overboard when it comes to monogramming--lol!?!?!?

I do LOVE my new embroidery machine and I do think EVERYTHING looks much cuter with a name on it...
so I guess he's right--I am going a little monogram CRAZY over here!! 
Oh well...I don't plan on stopping anytime soon! (smile)

I had so much fun sewing this past week.
I made several outfits for my kids (and my niece and nephew) to wear on our upcoming trip to the beach next week!

 I also completed a few gifts for friends...
and just happened across a new and easy t-shirt dress tutorial that I'm totally LOVIN' too !!!
Can't seem to attach the link so see the web address below!.
I tried making several this week, and was quite pleased with the results!

If you want a simple and easy sewing project...give it a try;)

Happy Monday/crafting Everyone!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The PERFECT evening (and homemade ice cream)

I'm a little behind on my blogging this week. We've been so busy and I just haven't had a moment to sit down on the computer and blog. 
Oh well! 
Summer is indeed flying by, but we are definitely making the most of every minute!

Sunday evening, we made an impromptu decision to head over to my parents house 
to hang out. 

My sister and her family met us there too! 
It's so much fun when we all get together.
If you read this Steve...know that we missed you and can't wait to see you next week xoxoxo;)
We picked up several pizza's on our way and enjoyed dinner and a sweet visit with my family.
We are ALL headed to the beach together soon, so most of our conversation revolved around planning our upcoming trip! 

Our family beach trip is the HIGHLIGHT of our entire summer!!!
We seriously CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!!!!!

After dinner, the kids helped me make homemade "coffee can" ice cream!
Find complete direction on the link above.

The kids had fun kicking,




and rolling our ice cream can around the yard!

After about ten minutes of kicking that can around, these two were ready for dessert!

Ice cream PLEASE!!!
All that hard work definitely paid off, and we enjoyed ice cream sundaes--poolside!

Good to the very last drop!

And what would a fun summer evening be with out tractor rides on Papa's tractor...

Uncle Matt graciously gave everyone several rides around the yard!

Hang on tight Hud!  

 Next summer you'll get to ride too Miss Brooklyn bear!

And a few games of baseball made our night complete!

Great hit Soph!

Check out the legs on that batter;)
Too cute!

Family, food and FUN...
I can't think of a better way to spend a summer evening!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Hold You, Mommy"

Anytime my sweet Hudson wants me to pick him up, he extends his little arms up to me and says, "Hold YOU, mommy"!
I LOVE it!!!
I know that one day, all too soon, he'll figure out how to ask correctly, and I'll long to hear him say
"Hold YOU, mommy" again!!
I love the song "Hold you, mommy"
by Laurie Lovejoy Hilliard and Sharon Lovejoy Autry
I have it on cd and EVERY time I hear it I cry!
My heart is filled with joy, as I hold you in my arms, 
knowing all you want and all you need is truly found in me. 
God's precious gift of love is all wrapped up in you, 
I want to raise you up to love the Lord, the way he wants me too!
I'll cherish each and every time I hold you in my arms.
I know the days are passing much too fast. 
But when this time has come and gone I'll hold the memory, 
of you little arms extended up to me...
"Hold you, mommy"
"Hold you, mommy"
Safe within your arms of love is where I want to be.
"Hold you, mommy"
"Hold you, mommy"
Just like the Father up above, surround me with you perfect love...again
 When you fall and skin your knee and come running back to me,
I want to be the one to wipe your tears, kiss your hurts, and calm your fears.
When you wake up in the night and cry out in the dark
I want to hold you close, whisper in your ear 
"Everything will be alright"!!
I'll cherish each and every time I hold you in my arms. 
How I know the days are passing much too fast. 
But when this time has come and gone I'll hold the memory, of you little arms extended up to me...
 I know there will come a time when I won't hold you in my arms. 
You won't need my hugs or want them anymore. 
 Oh how I want my arms to always be a refuge in your eyes 
no matter where you roam, or the changes in your life!
"Hold you, mommy"
"Hold you, mommy"
Safe in your arms of love is where I want to be.
"Hold you, mommy"

"Hold you, mommy"

 Just like the Father up above, surround me with you perfect love...again

Monday, July 18, 2011

That's how we ROLL...

 Over the weekend, the Foster Parents Association hosted a fundraiser at the skating rink near our home. 
 Because of major county budget cuts, the association is always looking for ways to make up for some of our lost funding. 
 We use the money for many things, but it ALL goes back to the kids in care! 
The association has a fun fall festival planned for the kids in care in October, and the Christmas party details are already underway too!
It's gonna be fun and we can't wait!!!!
The kids had a blast skating!
 I was SHOCKED at how well the babies did! 
They scooted around the floor like little pro's!
 Once again I was reminded that they are not really "babies" anymore, but big kids;(
 My sweet sisters were gracious enough to come along too, and offered a helping hand wherever needed!
 We had a SUPER fun time...
and enjoyed hanging out with other foster families.