Monday, March 28, 2011

Family Fun Night at the Y

Last Friday night our family attended "Family Fun Night @ the Y"! 

And YES, it totally lived up to it's title! 

Our family definitely LOVES a good game night, 
and chance for some friendly competition is always fun! 

Running relays, indoor soccer, tug-a-war, and freeze tag, 
were just a few of the games we participated in. 

We practiced our push-ups...

AND did a few sit-ups!

Scooter soccer was definitely a BIG hit with my crew!

And I have to say our family totally ROCKED at this game!!!!

Half-way through the evening we all needed a little break. 
A banana and a juices box was served in order to refuel our energy;)

Oh, and after our evening was over, we made a quick stop by Dunkin' Donuts. 

We all deserved a sweet treat after our "hard" work-out;)
The donut holes most definitely hit the spot!!!

Guess who's a BIG girl now...

YES...that's right, my little Sophie Lu is learning how to use the "big girl" potty!! 
She is actually doing really well! Of course, it doesn't hurt to have a potty that  is PINK, looks like a princess throne, AND sings when she goes--ha! 

She is so.....proud of her little self!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day...

When it's cold outside I've got the month of May
I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl 
Talkin' 'bout my girl!!!!

I've got so much honey the bees envy me
I've got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees
I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl
Talkin' bout my girl! 

My favorite FOUR...

My heart if full and overflowing when I look at these FOUR precious faces!
I. AM. BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun at the library

Every Tuesday morning, the babies and I head to the library for toddler story time.  Each week we dance, sing, play games, and YES even do a little reading too!

The babies LOVE it and I enjoy watching them grow and learn each week. 

At the beginning of the year they had a hard time sitting still and listening to the entire story that was being read, but I have noticed recently that their attention span is growing and they are listening better now!

Of course, the best part of library time is the bubbles after class!!!

An afternoon at the park...

Spring is here and we are enjoying every minute of it!

We basically live outside these days and only come in to sleep. 

And when we do sleep, it's hard and deep because we are flat worn out from being outside all day long!! 

 Ahhh...I just heart SPRING TIME! 

The other morning, I took the babies out for a nice long walk. At the end of our walk, we stopped by the neighborhood park to play for a while before heading home.

 The babies LOVE the park! 
While we were there, they each found a basketball laying around and had a blast running, kicking, chasing and throwing their ball around.
I just stood there watching (and snapping pictures of course)
and I was once again remind just how incredibility blessed I truly am!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A love affair with E-L-M-O

Sophie and Hudson are absolutely in love with Elmo right now. 

I'm not really sure how they came about their fascination with the red furry monster though. 
 We don't ever watch Sesame Street, but still they adore him none-the-less. 
So you can only imagine how thrilled I was to score these two pairs of 
 Elmo pajama's at the Good Will this week.

And yes---even a perfect PINK pair for my little miss!
To be honest though, I'm not sure who was really more excited about my find, me or the babies;) 

Bathed, lotioned up, and ready for bed!
And check out those sweet piggy toes...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


 Last week our church hosted their annual missions conference.  It was during this conference that the Lord stirred in my heart a deep love, respect, and appreciation for our missionaries and their precious families. I had the privilege of listening to several of these missionary couples give their testimonies, and time and time again was blown away by their dedication and sacrifice for the cause of the gospel. I was challenged in my own walk with the Lord and came face to face with my own selfishness and pursuit of worldly things. The Lord is ALIVE and working. He did a work in my own heart this week and I was blessed to hear how He is working and changing the lives and hearts of people all over the world!!!

After coming off this AMAZING missions week at our church, this past Saturday, our family had the oppurtunity to enjoy JAARS Day—a free event designed for families to learn more about worldwide Bible translation and the many other AWESOME outreach services JAARS participates in. I was so excited for our family to learn even more about how the Lord is working here and abroad!

 Immediately when we arrived, we watched a demonstration of the capabilities of the Kodiak airplane and the helicopter. The boys were completely mesmerized!!
 It was amazing to watch just how precisely these aircraft's can be handled by the highly trained missionary pilots!

After the air show, we headed over to the hanger to "hang" out!

Sophie fell in LOVE with this big purple helicopter! 
She would've taken it home if she could;)

The kids each stamped their names out in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Face painting was a BIG hit too! 

Then it was off to enjoy a lovely boat ride on the Crystal Lake.

The boat that we rode on was going to soon be on it's way to Ghana. It will be used to get supplies and missionaries to places where people have yet to hear the Word of God.

As we rode, I couldn't help but pray for the precious people and hearts that this boat will one day reach.

When we got off the boat, everyone was hungry so we enjoyed a yummy picnic lunch--lake side!

After lunch, the kids noticed a huge display of musical instruments that were from all over 
the world. They had a blast rockin' it out on those instruments;)

The high light of the day was supposed to be an actual airplane ride for Corban and Riley. Unfortunately, it started to rain and they were forced to cancel all scheduled flights. The boys were totally bummed. They had never been in an airplane before, so they were both greatly anticipating their very first flight. Oh well! The JAARS staff  invited us to come back anytime to make up for that canceled flight! We all enjoyed our day so much that it wasn't hard to promise the boys that we would definitely be back again real soon!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

These two...

The other day I overheard the sweetest little conversation going on between these two. 

I had just finished doing Sophie's hair when Hudson walked into the bathroom... 

Hudson: "FiFi (what Hud calls Sophie) beary pweety."
Sophie: "Thank you uh-Hud" (what Soph calls Hud)
Hudson: "You welcome FiFi"
Me:{Heart Melting}

I just ADORE these two!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

A little catch-up!

I've been a little behind on blogging this week, so today is going to be a catch all/ bullet point kind-of post. 

  • Last Saturday, Corban played in his last basketball game of the season. This was his first year playing BB and he absolutely LOVED it! 

He really learned a lot and each week his skills improved a little more. After his game was over on Saturday, the team gathered for a little after-party in order to celebrate the end of a GREAT season. 

Corban not only received a shiny gold trophy, but was also the recipient of the "Coaches Award". The coaches chose Corban for this award because they saw his as a team player, a great encouragement to his other team mates, and they noticed his skills improve throughout the season. 

Yes, I was a PROUD mama!!!

  • Tuesday night, Riley's pre-school hosted their annual family night. Shane was out of town so he unfortunately missed out on all the fun! It was definitely a little crazy taking all the kids by myself to this carnival like event, but I didn't loose anyone, so I would have to call it a successful night;) 
The kids had a BLAST though. 

We ate pizza, danced to the music of the "Music Man", drank slushies, munched on popcorn, and bounced our brains out on the jumpy houses. 

Yes, a great time was had by all!

  • The weather has been gorgeous here lately and we have taken full advantage of it. 

The sun has been shining, the air is nice and warm, and the breeze is refreshing!

We've spent hours and hours in the backyard, playing in the sandbox or swinging on the play set! 

All I can say is "YAY for SPRING!!!!"

Okay, y'all so that's a wrap! 
Happy Friday everyone and enjoy the weekend!!!