Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I haven't blogged in a while because all I really have to talk about is this yucky flu germ that has infested our home! We have been out of commission for over a week now. It's made its way around to every family member in our home. Hopefully, it is now on it's way out!!!

So instead of talking about how miserable we have been the last week or so, I'll leave you with a happy picture!

Praying that the rest of the fall season is happy and HEALTHY!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Last week, my friend Celia and I took our kids to visit the pumpkin patch.
It was a beautiful fall day and the kids had a GREAT time!!!!
We took a hayride, watched them milk a cow, fed the animals, and of course, picked out a pumpkin!

All of us on the hayride.
Sophie wanted DOWN so BADLY, and Hudson wouldn't look at the camera for anything.
Oh well!!!!

Celia, Tyler, and sweet Amy.
She's missing Jackson--he stayed home with his daddy!

Meeting and petting the cow!

I wish I got a picture of Riley's reaction when
he saw milk coming out of that cow!
He was totally SHOCKED!!!!!

Corban feeding the goats!

Sophie found her perfect pumpkin!

Hudson--one of the sweetest pumpkins in the patch!

My ever so sweet Riley!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

There she goes just a walkin' down the street...

Guess who's walking now?!?!?

Yes---little miss thing is all over the place!!!!

She's been taking a few steps here and there for over a month now,
but just the other day

Watch out world---here I come!

Here Riley is ready with a "Great Job" hug for his little sis!

The boys have been so.... excited to see Sophie walking now.
They are always cheering her on with shouts of encouragement!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A rather "HAIRY" experience!

I was so..........excited to take Sophie to Doolittles for her first ever haircut yesterday!!!!!!! To be quite honest though, I wasn't really sure how she would do. She absolutely HATES going to the doctors office, so I wondered if she would react the same while getting her hair cut!

Well... lets just say she was less than thrilled.

The lady cutting her hair was super sweet though and did a great job despite all the crying!

Doolittles is a GREAT place for a first haircut. You get to sit in a fun chair like a jeep or a firetruck, and each station has it's own t.v.

Sophie couldn't have cared less about any of it.

She started out in a cute little chair, but she didn't like that too much.
We then moved to a place where she could sit on my lap.

All done and snuggling with mommy!

I tried to explained to her that one day we were going to LOVE spending
the entire day being pampered at a salon.
As for right now though, a trim with a lolly pop will do.

Here's what the back looks like.

All finished--complete with a pink bow!!!!
She looks like such a big girl now!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Go Fish Concert

Saturday evening, I had a very important date with two of my little men.

Corban, Riley, and I got to go see Go Fish in concert.
If you don't know who Go Fish is-- you are missing out!!

Their motto is "Great music for kids that won't drive their parents BONKERS!" And I can truly say they do deliver. I think I like their music just as much as my boys do!
We totally LOVE the Go Fish guys here at our house!

We enjoyed the concert with my sweet friend Celia, and her two little ones Tyler and Amy. It was so much fun watching the kids sing and dance along with the music.
I think Celia and I enjoyed the concert just as much as our kids did!
A great time was had by all!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Sweet, Sweet, Hudson

My precious Hudson is yet another month older. He just turned 6 months old on Friday.
Oh how I wish I could freeze time!!!!!!!!! I want him to stay like this FOREVER!!!!

I love every single chunky roll on his body!

His favorite time of the day is bath time!
He just loves to play and splash in his tub.

I can't believe he has a total of six teeth ALREADY--
two on the bottom and four coming in up top!

He is such a precious and happy baby!

Happy Six Month Birthday Sweet Boy!

Friday, October 16, 2009

We've been BOO'd!!!!!!!!!!

Every Halloween our neighborhood plays the BOO game. It's kind of become a Halloween tradition our whole family enjoys.

Booing is mysteriously dropping a special treat at the home of a friend.

A surprise "BOO" present was left by our front door a few days ago. Now it's our turn to "BOO" two more of our neighbors.

Here's Riley ready to BOO two of our unsuspecting neighbors!

Ring and RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you all play this game in your neighborhood?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday!

Is there anything sweeter than
two freshly bathed babies,
dressed in their cozy pj's, and ready for bed?!?!?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Apple Fun!

Yesterday, we were supposed to go apple picking with friends, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate! It ended up being a rather cold and rainy Monday. The kids were so disappointed we couldn't go. Corban was especially sad. He had the day off of school and was really looking forward to spending time with friends. We decided we were not going to let the day be a bust. We were going to have fun no matter what the weather. We ran out to the store and bought a big bag of apples. We spent the rest of the morning having some indoor "apple" fun.

The boys helped make apple bread and muffins, we snacked on apples dipped in carmel (one of our favorite fall snacks),

and we also had fun making some apple art. Our day didn't quite turn out as planned,

but we made the best of it and had a great time together!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday Weekend!

Each new month seems to bring with it lots of sweet birthday celebrations. October is no different, in fact, our family will celebrate five birthdays this month!!!!
We celebrated Shane's 35th birthday yesterday.

After church we came home and enjoyed a small celebration complete with his favorite cake---yellow cake and chocolate icing.

The best part of any party is blowing out the candles!
Make a wish boys!!!

Later that afternoon, we headed over to my sister B's house. The partying continued as we celebrated my nephew, Jake's, first birthday!

The sweet birthday boy!

We all enjoyed some yummy pizza.

and of our family, every party is not complete without a few games of corn hole!

Time to open presents!
Riley and Corban had to help too!!!!

My Grandma and sweet Hudson
It was a great fall day and a sweet time of birthday fun!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Polite Riley

After chatting with a friend about children and manners, I realized I had become rather lenient where manners were concerned in my own home. I am a manners teacher after all---my kids should exhibit remarkable manners, right!?!?!? So, I decided it was time to buckle down with my boys and get serious about manners and proper etiquette! Just like anything else, I know it takes time and practice in order to learn anything new. I also know it has to be fun, or they won't care to learn it, much less practice it.

I decided to start things out simple. I reminded them of the importance of ALWAYS using our manner words like "please" and "thank you"! We also decided that instead of saying "you're welcome", we were going to use the words "my pleasure". I explained to the boys that it should be a pleasure and a joy to serve our family and others around us. Saying "my pleasure" sounds as if your heart is happy to serve and that makes Jesus happy!
I was pleased to see that the boys caught on rather quickly.

Fast forward a few days...

Riley and I were in the grocery store shopping for the week. We were checking out and the lady bagging the groceries asked if Riley could have a balloon. Of course, I said yes. The lady brought Riley back a bright red balloon. She then proceeded to tie the balloon onto his wrist. Riley looked up at her and very politely said "Thank you!".
I was so proud of him and happy that I didn't have to prompt him to say it.
The lady looked down at him and responded "You're very welcome!".
My sweet Riley looked back at her square in the eye, and with a rather disgusted look on his face said...
" NO!! My mom says that we don't say "You're welcome" anymore, if I say "Thank you", than you have to say "My pleasure"!

Needless to say, we still have quite a ways to go in the manners department!
Next week we will focus on being respectful to adults! lol ;)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Family Day at Church

Sunday afternoon, our church hosted it's annual "Family Day"! There was face painting, bouncy houses, cotton candy, popcorn, and more! We were so happy to be joined by my parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle, brothers and sisters, and of course my sweet nephew-- baby Jake!

The kids had a blast
playing with their friends...

Riley and his BEST buddy Rhett

Riley, Corban, and TyTy!!!

~Jumping in the bouncy houses...

Next year, Sophie and Jake will be jumping right along too!

Can you tell these two are teething!?!?!?

Corban had a blast playing pick-up soccer games!

...and there was plenty of food!

Notice Sophie in each picture.
That girl is a peanut, but she loves her some good food!

A great time was had by all!!!

We feel so blessed to be part of a WONDERFUL Bible teaching church with GREAT pastors
and SWEET friends!