Thursday, July 31, 2014

Playdates and Popsicles

We LOVE having all our cousins live close by!

It's such a blessing to be able to have play dates and impromptu get togethers all summer long.

Yesterday, ALL of our sweet cousins joined us at the pool for a day of fun in the sun!

We had the best time just hanging out and enjoying each others company.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gone to the Lake

 We were beyond blessed to spend this past weekend visiting our sweet friends, the Howard's, at their lake house. 
 Our life group from church actually came up on Saturday too, and we ALL had a wonderful time of fun and fellowship together. 
Our family then spent the night that evening, and got to hang out on the water all day on Sunday as well.
The weather screamed "summer" as temps climbed into the mid 90's,
but that just made our time on the lake that much more enjoyable.
 My kids absolutely LOVE the water and thoroughly enjoy every water activity possible.
Boating, Tubing, Swimming, Fishing, and Jet Skiing...
 What ever it was...they were willing and ready!

We are so grateful for our gracious friends, AND (most importantly) for the time and precious memories we made with them this weekend!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Welcome to CiCi's

 My sweet sister, B, is really great at planning outings for the kids. She LOVES a good field trip, and is always so gracious about inviting my kids to tag along too. It's the teacher in her shining through;) Yesterday, she had a tour planned for us at CiCi's Pizza. 
I FUN, right!?! kids definitely thought so. 
 We had a great time learning all about pizza, how it's made, and meeting who actually makes it. 
 We toured the kitchen, peaked in the enormous refrigerator,  saw how they make their dough, and  learned about the oven which cooks a pizza in less than FIVE minutes.
After our grand tour was over, the kids gathered around the table and each got to make their own personal pizza.
And yes...a little sampling was going on too;)
Totally caught in the act.
The girl could not help herself;)
And just as promised, our pizza's were in and out of the oven in about FIVE minutes. 
And to be didn't take much longer than that for my hungry crew to dig in and devour their delicious creations;)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The BEST week of the summer

Summer break isn't over quite yet, but I think it's safe to say that we just wrapped up the BEST week of our entire summer. Heck...It may have been the BEST week of THE entire YEAR!  One of my sweet friends compared it to waking up on Christmas morning five days in a row.  
Yup...that's a pretty good description about our Vacation Bible School! 
Five wonderful days filled with nothin but excitement, high energy, and AMAZING FUN! 
Seeing 800 kids get excited about praising, worshiping, and serving JESUS was truly breath taking!! 
It was a blessing for me to serve on the VBS leadership team again this year! Not only did I help head up the craft department, but I also got to play a fun part in the VBS drama each morning;)
My sweet friend Melanie and I were "Sissy and Missy"--
two very perky and peppy cheerleaders;)
 We switched things up just a bit in the craft department this year. The kids made something for the first three days of the week, but on Thursday and Friday they had the opportunity to put "feet to their faith" as they worked with Servants with a Heart. 
This was hands down, the high light of the entire week. For two days I got to help our kids pack over 53,000 meals to feed the people in Nicaragua! Our VBS kids raised over $16,000.00 for this project. They paid for it! They prepared it! They packed it!  And then they prayed over each food box they filled! 
They did it ALL!!! 
I was BLOWN away!!!!
 The grand finale to our amazing week was rocking it out with the "Go Fish Guys" in concert on Friday night at our church! 
If you have never heard of Go Fish...look them up. They are AMAZING! And I'll LOVE their music just as much as your kids do.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Family Beach Pictures

While we are all at the beach together, we usually set aside one night for family pictures. Unfortunately, the night we choose was particularly WiNdY;) We literally almost blew away while trying to get a few good shots. HA! Oh well.
Picture night isn't everyone's favorite night anyway, so our crew was pretty happy that we had to keep it short and sweet;)
My handsome hubby and my sweet boys. 
Me and my beautiful girls.
 My family and my whole world!
 Corban Michael...11 years old
 Riley Jameson...8 years old
Sophia Hope...5 years old
 Hudson Renwick...5 years old
Adelyn Kate...4 years old
My 5 LOVES...
Oh how I am BLESSED!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blue Skies and Sandy Toes

So we've been back from our wonderful beach vacation for a little over a week now. We got back last Saturday afternoon, unpacked a little, and then jumped right into the VBS craziness that followed the next week! WHEW! These last two weeks have been a total blur for me, but I'm slowly catching my breath...while catching up on the laundry;)

 Anyway...back to our beach trip...
We had the BEST.time.ever!!! 
The weather was PERFECT, the beach was BEAUTIFUL, and our time was MEMORABLE! 
 This year, not only were we surrounded by MY sweet family, but our dear friends, the Howard's...
 our favorite lifeguard friend, Charlotte,
 joined us for a week of
FUN in THE SUN too!
That made for a grand total of 27 people in our party.
And was definitely a PARTY! 
Most of our week was spent ON the beach. The kids LOVE swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand with their friends AND cousins.
When we needed a little break from the beach, the pool was the happening place to be.
I'm actually surprised no one sprouted fins and gills while we were away;) I think most of these kids  spent more time IN the water than out. 

Every year we visit Surfside, we have a few spots that we love to frequent. 
This year, we were excited to share some of our favorite beach hang outs with our friends.

Sophia's Ice Cream is a definite family fav!!!
And no trip would be complete without a trip (or two) to the Yum Yum shop as well!

Broadway at the Beach is a must see too.

We didn't do much shopping there, but our crew had a BLAST riding all the new amusement park rides they have there now. 

And speaking of "BLAST'...

Our family had so much fun building amazing sand creations,
and making silly pictures while hanging out on the beach! 

My family is THE BEST;)

What a wonderful week spent with the people I love most in this entire world!
Sweet memories were made and precious moments were enjoyed that will indeed last a life-time!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Celebrating America!!!!

What a wonderful day we had celebrating our great country's birthday!
 I just LOVE all things the July 4th holiday offers-- the weather,  parades, cookouts, family, and fireworks!!!
It's all so much fun!
I am so grateful to all the men and women who have served and fought for the freedom that I enjoy!! 
Shane spent six years in the marines and I am so... proud of him for the time he spent serving our country!!
Once a Marine...always a Marine!
 And as our family went about enjoying all the wonderful festivities and celebrations of the day, the  song, "I'm proud to be and American" was continually playing in my head!
 And I'm proud to be an American 
where at least I know I'm free.
 And I won't forget the men who died, 
 who gave that right to me.
And I'd gladly stand up next to you 
 and defend her still today.
Cause there ain't no doubt 
I love this land
 God bless the U.S.A