Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let the journey begin!

This is my first blog entry. My hope is that this blog will be a way for us to document our journey to our daughter. We wanted a place to record all our thoughts, prayers, concerns, and desires for our precious daughter. We want her to know that we loved and longed for her before we ever knew her.

Why Adoption!?!

About one year after we were married we thought it was time to start a family. We became pregnant right away and were so excited to become parents. We unfortunately lost that baby through miscarriage. We were devastated, but found much comfort through our strong faith, family and friends. It was not too long after that that we became pregnant again. In June 2003 we welcomed Corban, our 7lb. 5oz. precious son, into the world. We were so thankful that God had blessed us with such a gift.

Two years after Corban was born we decided to add to our family. Again we became pregnant right away and yet again we experienced a miscarriage. The Lord carried us through that loss and healed our hearts. It was not much time later that God blessed us with our second son Riley Jameson. Riley is our little Christmas baby. He was born in December of 2005. Last year we began trying to add another child to our family. We again became pregnant only to experience yet another miscarriage. Even though we were heartbroken it was through that loss God placed on both our hearts the idea of adoption. Before we were married we talked about adoption and both of us agreed it was a desire of ours. We just didn’t know exactly when the appropriate time to pursue this desire would be. Through much prayer, we know without a doubt that now is the time! We believe that it is God’s plan for us to adopt in order to add to our family. Our hearts desire is to add a little girl to our family. We are so excited to bring some pink into our lives of blue!

As we prayerfully considered all our options, God lead us to Christian Adoption Services. We are pursuing a domestic adoption and are so excited about the journey ahead. We long to meet our angel and pray that we would be able to hold her in our arms very soon! We have decided to name our daughter Sophie.