Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Crooked Creek Park

 Summer days are THE absolute BEST!!! The kids and I have enjoyed our break immensely and have tried to make the most of EVERY single minute! 
We know it's coming to an end all too soon, so we'll continue to soak up each moment.  
Yesterday, the kids and I hit up Crooked Creek Park. 
It's a new park in our town and many of our friends have said it's AWESOME! We were told it was a perfect place for both big and the littles alike!
That's been one of my challenges this summer...keeping the BIG boys happy and entertained, as well as the littles. 
Corban and Riley are usually great sports and go along with just about anything we do, but I know they don't get as excited about a day at the park anymore like the littles do.  

 However, a day at the park followed by a stop at Wendy's for frosty's
 is a win-win for the ENTIRE crew! 
 Yup...smiles ALL around! 

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