Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome December!

Our little elf, Sam, is still causing quite the ruckus at our house. 
He seems to be excited that December is finally here, and decided to leave the kids a jolly Christmas greeting this morning!
And because December is here, the kids got to open a little gift from my sweet Grandma.
These packages have been sitting on the counter just teasing them for the past few days!
 Each year she buys them a special advent calendar.
This year, the calendars are filled with...
 Now that's my kind of calendar;)
One thing I do know...
The promise of a chocolate candy waiting for them each day this month is a sure fire way to get my kids to jump out of bed in the morning!
 Sophie got to put the first puff of white on Santa's beard yesterday!
Hudson didn't quite understand that he and Sophie had to take turns putting a puff on each day.
{Insert Hudson's meltdown here}
He was less than thrilled with the fact that Miss Sophie got to go first, 
SO from this day forward... 
 each puff will be split into two parts. 
That way everyone is HAPPY-ha;)
 And I'm sure your just dying to know what our first activity was on our Family Advent Calendar-ha!
 Well... we made and decorated popsicle stick snowflakes.
 I love a little project that everyone gets excited about...
 AND one that everyone can do without much assistance from me.
My kitchen table and floor were literally COVERED in glitter and sparkles, but the results were worth the mess;)
 Who knows if we'll see any REAL snowflakes this Christmas season, 
but at least we can enjoy a few flurries sprinkled through out the house;)


Melissa said...

adorable! does the elf come clean easily? We've just started this year, and so the first few days he's been out he's just been hiding! I'm worried that if he is "trouble/naughty" the kids will think they can cause trouble too!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

I can always count on your for a fun kids craft idea. I will definitely be doing that one w/ my kids because I KNOW we won't be getting any snow. :) Pop over to my blog today, for once I actually have a cute kids craft for you.

Have a fun Friday. Jessica

Elizabeth said...

You are such a good mom! I love that you involve the kids in so many crafts. I want to do crafts and fun activities with my children one day. Hope you all have a great weekend!

AbbyS. said...

You are such a fun mommy!!
Our elf is causing trouble too! I just posted about some of his antics on my blog:
His name is Walker and this morning he was caught playing cards with some little people and evil dr. Porckchop from Toys. :) It is so much fun. Now, I bought an advent calendar last year...must go find it now! oops.

Cheryl said...

The elf is such a cutie ideal. The children are so blessed to have you as their mommy. Sounds like you have an exciting home.

Melanie said...

SO cute! Good thinking on splitting the puffs for Santa's beard in half, if Hudson is anything like Drew I can totally imagine the meltdown!
Love the snowflake activity & I am in total agreement, anything they can do with minimal help from me is a huge plus!

Brian & Ashley said...

Cute post! Love the elf idea and the snowflakes were adorable.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

That is some creative elf skills! Love the snowflakes:)

Brandi Curtis said...

I love all of the crafts that you do with your children. I think its wonderful you do things like this. The snowflakes turned out great :)