Thursday, January 29, 2015

Changes for Addy

Just a little over a month ago, we made the decision to take Addy-Kate out of pre-school. For the past year, Addy has been blessed to be part of an EC (exceptional children) program at a school just down the street from our house. Due to Addy-Kate's special need (microtia of her left ear), her English was not improving like it should, and it was determined that she would benefit from an early intervention preschool and intense speech therapy.
 She has made incredible strides since beginning the program, and her teachers have been phenomenal!!!! They loved my girl so much, and I know the feeling was definitely mutual! 
However, after just a few short weeks into this new school year, I felt the Lord tugging at my heart to bring Addy-Kate home. I started to notice some small changes in my girl, and after chatting with her teachers, it was confirmed that Addy needed to be home MORE than she needed school. 
Right before Christmas, we decided to pull her out of the program.
{We will have her speech re-evaluated privately, and take it from there;)}
It was a little adjustment at first, as Addy-Kate really missed her friends, teachers, and the routine of school. 
However, we have quickly found a new routine, and having her home has proven to be the biggest blessing EVER!
The Lord knew THIS is what Addy-Kate needed most! Lots of snuggles, cuddles and together time with mommy! I thank Him for allowing her to be part of such a wonderful program for the past year, and I praise Him for revealing to us what her heart needs most now.
He is so good!
Most mornings, it's just the two of us. 
I love having a few hours to focus my time and energy on just her, 
and I know she enjoys it too!
We did join a Bible study that meets on Monday mornings at Hudson's pre-school. 
Addy-Kate goes to her little class, while I go to mine.
Addy's classroom is just down the hall from Hud's and she thinks that's pretty cool.
We've definitely found our new routine, and having her home has brought us BOTH so much JOY!!!


Kelly Frank said...

What a precious girl!!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

It sounds like you made a good decision!