Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weekend Randomness

Shane and Corban spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Savannah at a soccer tournament. That left me and the rest of the crew at home to enjoy the weekend together. 
Friday afternoon, the girls and I did a little crafting! We made matching Valentine shirts. I found this not so cute (and way too small) plaid shirt at our local Goodwill. 
I fell in love with the print though and knew it would be perfect for these shirts! 
Cute, huh?
Saturday morning, we just lounged around in our comfy PJ's until well past noon;)
We played lots of games and Riley taught me how to play Stratego!
He kicked my tail (twice) though!
This girl is all about her lite brite lately!
I love that she's trying NOT to smile while I take her pic.
 We also had a sweet little visitor staying with our family for the weekend.
Hudson was so excited to bring his classroom "pet", Mr. Mouse, home with him for a few days.
Mr. Mouse joined us EVERYWHERE we went. 
(On Monday morning, he returned to preschool and gave the class a report about all the fun he had with our family over the weekend.)
Saturday afternoon, Mr. Mouse went with us to see the new Paddington Bear movie!
From this picture, it looks like we had the entire movie theater to ourselves. Actually, we just got to the movie early. It was a rainy Saturday, and I was worried it would be super busy and I wouldn't be able to get five seats together. 
It was such a super cute movie, and the kids (including Mr. Mouse) LOVED it!!

Saturday night, my mom called and invited our crew over for dinner!
My sister, B, and her sweet kiddo's joined us for the evening too!
 It should come as no surprise who got their little hands on baby Emery FIRST?!?!
Love those chunky, kissable cheeks!
We had pizza for dinner.
 And brownies and ice cream with rainbow sprinkles for dessert!
Photo bombed by Papa;)
Sunday morning, before heading out for church, we enjoyed this yumminess.
I called it "sin on a plate";)
We followed this recipe here, but I rolled my dough instead of folding it.
SO GOOD!!!!!!!!
Sunday afternoon, Riley and I spent several hours working on his school project. 
He had to read a biography, and then turn a bottle into the person he read about. 
Yes, a bottle?!?!?
Riley is into inventing things lately, so he chose to read about Orville (and Wilbur) Wright (inventors of the first airplane).
Yea...I cannot tell you how much fun we had turning a gatorade bottle into ole' Orville!
Oh, and btw...Corban's team WON that tournament he and Shane were at in Savannah!!!!!! 
And from what I heard, Corban played GREAT!!!
So proud of these boys!!! 


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