Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Countdown to Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner (YAY), and the kids and I are soooo EXCITED! 
(We are especially excited to have Shane HOME! 
He's been traveling for the past three weeks or so, so having my LOVE home makes my heart so incredibly H-A-P-P-Y!!!)
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Valentine's Day. I always have so much fun browsing Pinterest with my kiddo's, and helping them pick out special Valentines to make for their classmates.
Each one of my kids picked out something different this year, and each one matches their personality perfectly;)
Love it!
Last Friday, my amazing sister hosted a sweet little Valentine party.
Addy-Kate and Hudson were beyond excited and couldn't wait to make their sweet Valentines for their friends.
  They picked out these adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse Valentines.
(Those are Hersey bars wrapped like Mickey and Minnie;))
Aren't they C-U-T-E?!?!
HA! Almost as cute as these two;)
Hudson's sweet buddy, Jackson, joined us for a morning full of fun!
Can you tell my sister used to be a teacher?;)
We all had such a great time...
but the kids especially LOVED the parachute.
LOVE these two girlie-girl cousins! 
Such a fun morning together!
Sophie's chose Frozen Valentine's this year. #NoSupriseThere 
I printed them out for her, but she totally put each one together herself. 
She was quite proud of her work, and cannot wait to pass out these little goodies to her friends on Friday. 
While perusing Pinterest, Hudson and I came across these adorable Minion Valentines.
He totally got a kick out of them and immediately said he wanted to make them for his preschool friends.
A Twinkie turned Minion=THE perfect least for a 5 year old;)
When you are in the Third Grade, your Valentines definitely cannot be mushy AND cannot be too cutesy either. There's a very fine I've been told.
Riley is ALL about Big Hero 6 these days,
so thankfully, Baymax saved this boys Valentine debacle.
And when you're in fifth grade, you start contemplating if you should do the whole valentine thing at all. Thankfully, this boy is still such a sweet heart, and when candy is involved, he's usually 100% IN! 
He found these FUN soccer Valentines online, which fit him to an absolute tee! We ordered soccer covered chocolate balls off of Amazon, and BOOM, these Valentines were fifth grade approved;)

We are officially ready to celebrate the Day of LOVE!!!


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

Those are all really cute! Great job!

Courtney said...

All of the Valentine's are adorable!