Saturday, April 19, 2014

Just keep swimming...

On our final day of being on our own, the three little ones and I went swimming at the YMCA. We met Sophie's BFF, Zoe, and her sweet family, there too.
 My kids absolutely LOVE to swim, and even though they have never had a formal lesson, they have all become pretty proficient little swimmers.
And since Hudson is now a BIG five year old, he was quite determined to earn his yellow band during this trip to the pool. In order get this band, you have to take a test with the lifeguard. You must swim 15 yards unassisted, float on your tummy, and also float on your back. 
 Earning your yellow necklace is a BIG deal because it means you can finally go down the...WATER SLIDE!!!!
 Hudson PASSED HIS TEST with flying colors,
 and is now the proud owner of a YELLOW BAND!!!
GO HUD!!!!