Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hudson is FIVE!

Yesterday, this precious boy of mine turned F--I--V--E!!!
And let me tell you, I don't think there has ever, EVER been anyone more excited about turning a year older than Hudson was.
It wasn't the cake,  the presents, or the party he was anticipating. 
No, it was the fact that he was FINALLY going to be the same age as Sophie;)
He actually put on his pajama's at 3 o'clock the day before his birthday and ASKED if he could go to bed. When I asked him why, he told me he just wanted to go to sleep so he could wake up in the morning and be five like Soph.
Bless his sweet little heart;)

And even though our little family wasn't all together (the bigs are in Michigan AND Shane's in Florida this week) to celebrate, I think Hudson's day was special none-the-less!
I seriously CANNOT think of a sweeter way for Hudson to spend the day than with his
cousins. These six little ones are a handful, for sure, but they LOVE each other so much, and are the absolute BEST of FRIENDS!  
They giggle, they run, they play, they chat, they hug, they quarrel, and, yes, they can cause some major drama;)
But one thing is for sure, they ALWAYS have a BLAST being together;)
Yesterday, we spent the entire day with our cousins at Dan Nicholas Park. 
This little park is just over an hour away from our house, but totally worth the drive. 
With train rides, a carousel, mini zoo, raptor center, and gem mine...this place is a "must do" on our spring break list every year. 
Not to mention that all of the above is SUPER DUPER cheap too.
Like only a dollar (or less) per ticket--per kid.
Super CHEAP and SUPER fun.
It's a win---win!
It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside, but the weather was a bit on the cool side. 
  I think the cooler temps kept people away though, because we basically had the entire park to ourselves. 
After a full day at the park, we waved goodbye to our cousins and then headed to Hudson's FAVORITE restaurant for dinner.
Our precious friends, the Robinson's met us at Mario's Pizza and helped us celebrate Hudson's birthday over dinner and dessert. 
 What a SWEET way to end a great day!
And this birthday boy can rest assured, because Sophie has already graciously volunteered to teach him all he needs to know about what it's like to be FIVE;)
He'll be learning from the best!


Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Hudson!!!!!

Brian & Ashley said...

Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Cutie Boy!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Hudson!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

He is so cute!
Happy 5th Birthday, Hudson!
It's hard to believe I have been following your blog for 5 years. Time flies!