Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrating Easter...and Hudson's B-day

 What a BEAUTIFUL day we had celebrating our RISEN Lord and Savior. Easter is such a SPECIAL day and (more than anything else) I want my kids to grasp that Easter is not just another ordinary holiday.  
Sunday was not just your typical Sunday. 
 No...It was Resurrection Sunday...the day we celebrate sin and death being conquered on the cross. 
The day we celebrate the empty tomb.  
What HOPE, what JOY, what PEACE this brings! 

We woke the kids up early on Easter morning, because we were attending the first of two Easter services at our church. Church normally starts at 9:45am for us, but this Sunday, the service began at 9:00am. I was teaching in Sophie and Hudson's classroom during the first service, and needed to be in the room by 8:30am.  Needless to say, we had an extra early start to our beautiful Easter Sunday. 
After getting dressed, the kids couldn't wait to head downstairs to find their Easter baskets. 
 They were so excited to see each of their baskets full to the brim with lots of little goodies and trinkets. 
After a quick "bunny bum" pancake breakfast (thanks Pinterest!), we headed out the door for church!
 I spent Sunday morning in Sophie and Hudson's classroom. They have the sweetest class ever and it was so much fun teaching these little ones all about Easter
They were so attentive as I told them the story of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection!
 After church, we quickly headed home to get ready to host our family for Easter brunch.
  And at this get together, we were not only celebrating Resurrection Sunday, 
but our sweet Hudson's birthday as well. 
That made this day doubly sweet
 and a double BLESSING!
Of course, the high light of the entire day was probably the "egg"citing Easter egg hunt!
Riley was the lucky one who found the egg with $5.00 hidden inside. 
He was SUPER excited!!!!
(I love this boys precious grin. He's missing a total for FOUR teeth right now, so his smile is just too cute!)
What a wonderful, fun-filled day it was celebrating our RISEN Lord 
AND our precious Hudson's 5th birthday!


Stephanie said...

Loved the pictures! Would you do a post/tutorial on your sewing? You babies always look adorable :)


Stephanie said...

Loved the pictures! Would you do a post/tutorial on your sewing? Your babies always look so adorable :)


Tracy said...

What a beautiful way to celebrate Easter! Happy Birthday to your Hudson!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter! You had a fun day of celebrating. You have a beautiful family!

Brian & Ashley said...

Love your dress!