Sunday, April 27, 2014

Going Fishin'

 The big boys each received a new fishing pole in their Easter basket last Sunday morning. And since then, they have been BEGGING to use them. Shane told the boys that if they helped him out around the house (without complaining) with the yard work and such, he would take them fishing Saturday afternoon. 
The kids worked really hard, and after each of their tasks were complete, we loaded up the fishing gear and headed to the lake, as promised.
It was such a BEAUTIFUL spring like evening, and just the perfect night to spend at the park. 
The little ones enjoyed running around and playing, while the big boys sat patiently on the bank waiting for their first bite.  
And while we waited for a catch, the kids and I enjoyed watching this sweet mama goose and her three babies. 
The babies were soooo precious as they followed their mama around everywhere she went.
Kind of like another little girl I know;)
After a good hour or so of waiting with out a single bite...
 AND just before we were about to give up...
We made a CATCH!
By the end of the night our crew had caught
ONE...TWO...THREE fish!!!
The kids were thrilled and are already asking when we can go fishing again;)
HEY... if it's a way to get them to do their chores with out arguing or complaining, I guess we'll be spending lots of evenings lakeside;) 
And that's totally okay by me;)


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

What a fun time! I love how the girls look like they're having fun, too!

Brian & Ashley said...

Fun day! I left you a message on facebook, but wasn't sure how often you check it. We're going to Charleston, SC in a few days for a fun little getaway. I'll send you a wave as we're driving through NC.