Thursday, May 15, 2014

Strawberry Pickin' Fun

 Last Friday, I met my sister B, and her sweet crew at Hall Family Farm for our annual strawberry pickin' adventure. 
With buckets in hand, off we went into the fields in hopes of finding THE juiciest, reddest, and sweetest strawberries. 
And with so many little helpers ready and willing to work, it took us no time at all to fill up four containers of fresh berries.
 We may or may not have sampled a few along the way too. 
Gotta make sure we were pickin' the best;)
And after all that work in the hot fields was done, an ice cold strawberry smoothie was just the thing we needed to cool us down. 
It totally HIT THE SPOT!
The kids spent the rest of the afternoon running around in the sunshine and playing with their cousins.
I kept thinking THIS is what summer is going to be days, dirty/sweaty kids...and strawberry smoothies.
 Oh...BRING it ON!!!

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