Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

 Saturday evening, our family had the privilege of celebrating Chinese New Year with several other adoptive families. It's just about the BEST thing EVER to get together with other families who share the same passion, love and connection to a country, it's culture and rich traditions.
The kids LOVED having a reason to get dressed up in their traditional Chinese clothes-which we brought home for them from China last summer.
I thought the girls looked especially pretty in their hot pink dresses, but of course, I'm just a little bias;)

Riley and Hudson thought they were something else, in their new China outfits!!
 They even busted out a few of their "kung fu panda" moves for the camera;)

And because our family has really enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year, I thought I'd share just a few fun things we've learned about the holiday;)
  ~Chinese New Year lasts for about 15 days!!
~On New Year's Day, you are not suppose to wash your hair because you would have washed away good luck for the New Year.
~The entire house should be cleaned before New Year's Day. On New Year's Eve, all brooms, brushes, dusters, dust pans and other cleaning equipment are put away. Sweeping and dusting should NOT be done on New Years Day for the fear that good fortune will be swept away!
~ You should not use knives or scissors on New Year's Day as this may cut off good fortune.
 ~The color red is worn to drive away bad luck. It symbolizes happiness and ultimate joy!
~Shooting off firecrackers on New Year's Eve is the Chinese way of sending out the old year and welcoming in the new one. On the stroke of midnight, every door in the house, and even windows, have to be open to allow the old year to go out.
~2013 is the year of the black Snake!
Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means that your family will not starve.
 Honestly, I think I'd rather go hungry than have a snake in MY house, but never-the-less...
Happy Chinese New Year, 2013 to ALL!!!


Bethany Paige said...

So neat!! I didn't know some of those things about the New Year...glad you have a wonderful time celebrating!! =)

Courtney said...

Happy New Year! The girls look beautiful in their pink outfits. Loved hearing the fun facts about Chinese New Year.

Melanie said...

Oh Jenny, I just burst out laughing at your last line about the snake! How fun to celebrate this holiday that is so dear to your hearts & a part of AK's heritage! I love all the pics & the kids look precious! Praying that your "new" year is full of blessings & good fortune!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Thanks for sharing those facts!
Your family always has so much fun together!