Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Messy and bad day for mom"

Riley is notorious for taking videos with my phone. He loves filming anything and everything. Normally, the clips are of himself singing or talking. He can go on and on and on about... nothing, but I love going back though the footage he's taken because it always gives me a good chuckle. As I was watching and deleting some of his most recent "work" from my phone the other night, I came across this little piece.  
I had no idea Riley was filming me as I was down on my hands and knees (in my pj's) cleaning up yet another spill that day!
It had been one of "those days" were messes and spills seemed to abound.
I guess Riley noticed just how much cleaning up I had done and, as he comments in his video, he's really glad he's gonna be a dad someday and...NOT A MOM!!!


Julie said...

So cute!!

Maydelin said...

so adorable!!!!! and funny too!!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Oh my goodness, he's too cute!
Some days, I feel like all I do is clean up messes!