Friday, February 15, 2013

A little Valentine fun!

We had such a wonderful Valentines Day. Each (first) holiday we get to celebrate with Addy-Kate home with us makes these special days just that much sweeter;)
Last year, at this exact time, we had JUST sent our dossier off to China.  Here we are, a whole year later, celebrating this "day of love" with our newest and littlest love.  
Oh My Heart!!!
Our celebration started a day early this year, as we welcomed our cousins over for a Valentine play date on Wednesday morning!

It's such a treat to get together with our cousins and the kids always have a TERRIFIC time!
My sister B and I planned a few little valentiney crafts for the kids to do,
 and we all enjoyed some yummy valentine treats. 
We read a valentine book, and the kids each enjoyed exchanging their special valentines they had made for each other!
It was such a fun-filled morning spent with the little people we LOVE the most!



Laura said...

I think it's awesome how organized and structured your little craft day was. Them listening to you reading the book like you're the teacher is TOO cute!!!!! Must be the teacher in me :)

Brian & Ashley said...

Too cute! Looks like a great day!

Melanie said...

Soooo sweet! And I agree that last picture of you reading to the kids (and holding your sweet new niece!) is just TOO precious!