Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree

Not only is it beginning to LOOK like Christmas, BUT it's beginning to FEEL like Christmas as well. 
On Thursday, the little ones and I had fun making a few Christmassy crafts to display in the house.
 I'm soooo glad they enjoy crafting just as much as I do-ha!
Then, Thursday night we kicked the holiday season off right by heading into uptown to watch the lighting of the BIG Christmas tree. 
Our night was made complete when my two sisters and our dear friends, the Howards, decided to come along for the evening too! 
 We met everyone at the the train station and rode the train into uptown Charlotte together. Riding the train is always a HUGE treat! Shane works in uptown, so he was there to meet us when we got off. 
There was lots of  fun activities for the kids to see and do while we waited for the tree lighting to take place.
It wasn't long before Santa's jolly ole voice could be heard, and the countdown to the tree lighting began!
The tree instantly lite up the night and in that same moment snow began falling from the sky.
 It was...MAGICAL! 
 We enjoyed a quick bite to eat at good ole Micky D's together before heading back home via the train. 
It was such a FUN night and THE perfect way to kick this season off right!!!


Bethany said...

So much fun! This will for sure be on my "bucket Christmas list" next year! See you this afternoon;)

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

So cute. Sophia would love doing those crafts...she's been crafting all day again, hanging stuff up all over. I'm pinning it. Thanks Jenny, cute pics at the Christmas lights too!!

Melanie said...

Those Christmas crafts are TOO cute, but not cuter than your little helpers!! And you are right, what a great kick-off to the Christmas season, the tree-lighting & train-riding were a big HIT!!!

Brian & Ashley said...

Love the craft ideas! I'm a little obsessed with chalkboard displays right now, too. Enjoy the month!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

How fun! Wonderful pictures of your sweet family!

Elizabeth said...

they are so sweet! What a beautiful and blessed family.