Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Angry Bird Halloween

Halloween is such a fun time for our family. We really enjoy coming up with costume ideas, dressing up, and then spending the evening outside with our family and neighbors. 
It's such a FUN night!
This year, we were a family of angry birds. I love having a theme and this one (thankfully) pleased our entire crowd. My kids each picked out which bird they wanted to be, and even assisted me in the making of their costumes. From the cutting, to the gluing, to the stuffing...they helped with it all.
It has quickly become a family tradition that my sister-in-law and her family accompany us for trick-or-treating. Then we enjoy dinner afterwards.
 Our good friends (and neighbors) the Robinson's  joined us for the entire evening too.
It's always more fun trick-or-treating with others!
Just like last year, Miss Sophie was all about the candy!
She literally ran non-stop the ENTIRE time we were out!
She would pause only for a moment to empty her loot into the stroller.
Then, she was off--ready to fill her bag up again.
Hudson was a little more into it this year than he was the last couple of years.
 But if a house we came too had any scary decorations up, he would NOT go to the door.  He'd quickly pass his bag off to one of the big kids so they could do his trick-or-treating for him.
He wanted the treat...just NO TRICKS;)
 This was Miss AK's FIRST Halloween experience.

 I'm sure she was thinking...
"What in the WORLD is THIS all about?!?!?!?"
Bless-her-heart, sweet AK sat in her stroller the ENTIRE time we were out---just taking it all in.
She could NOT figure out what all the fuss and commotion was about UNTIL
she discovered what was in those bags the kids were carrying.
Then, she was all about sampling the loot;)
And speaking of kids definitely racked up again this year!
  Once everyone was back home, the sorting, trading, and bartering of the candy commenced. 
When I was a kid., I remember doing that with all my brothers and sisters too.
  Such FUN!
Now it's the morning after, and I gotta figure out what to do with ALL this candy!
As I sit here right now,  I may or may not be eating a (my second) Reece's Peanut Butter Cup;)


Kimberly said...

You have the cutest family!

paige said...


Dina said...

What wonderful pics and memories! And I've been wondering, if you feel comfortable sharing, how AK is transitioning as far as speech and integration go. She always looks so happy and joyful! Just curious how it's all going!

Stephanie said...

LOVE the theme!!!! So cute. I agree with you on what to do with all the candy, 7 little tricker treaters sure can rack up the loot:) I am sending a bag to each teacher to put in the prize box for weekly treats and saving a little back for our OCC boxes! I love that the kids barter and trade, mine have to dump it all in a big bowl, after they pick their 2 favorties of course:)

Melanie said...

LOVE it! Looks like a great time was had by ALL! Those pics of Sophie's HUGE grin are priceless! And I love the darling pics of AK, too! What a sweet little personality is coming out! You did a FANtastic job on the costumes & had to be THE talk of the neighborhood! Love that your whole family gets into the fun with dressing up! Great job!!

Brian & Ashley said...

Love your pictures! Such a cute idea!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

You all looked so cute! Your blog always makes me smile!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Such a clever idea and they turned out adorable. Cutest family around!! xo, Jess

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Such clever costumes and they turned out so adorable. Cutest family around!! xo, Jess