Monday, September 10, 2012

Season Opener

Saturday morning, it was up and at em' as we headed out to the boys FIRST games of the season.
 Of course, everyone was super excited about their opener and couldn't wait to get to the fields to play.
  For the next several months, this is probably where you'll find our little family every Saturday morning! We're easy to spot! We're the ones who look like a herd of pack mules as we lug our coolers, blankets, toys, chairs, diaper bag, water bottles, and snacks back and forth from field to field. And the whole time I'm just hoping and praying that we don't lose or forget something--most importantly a child;)
Thankfully week one was a success.
 This season, Corban is playing flag football and Riley has chosen to play soccer.
Shane coached Ri last season, so this time around, it's Cor's turn to have Daddy for a coach.
 And while the boys do their thing on the field, the little ones and I will be sitting on the sidelines cheering them on to victory;)
The sweet trio may be small in stature, but they are definitely their brother's BIGGEST (and loudest) FANS!
Both boys played really well in their games, and with week one under their belts they are already looking forward to next weeks games.

Here's hoping this season is one of our BEST yet;)


Melissa said...

So fun! I LOVE the girls' apple outfits-they are adorable!

Melanie said...

Here's to Saturday mornings on the fields, lots of goals & touchdowns, lots of cheering, and no lost kids!!! I'm so bummed that we don't have any kids playing together this season!
PS: Love the girls' adorable floral ruffles!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Adorable pics. We're in full swing with soccer, football, ballet and scouts. Crazy schedules but I love it.