Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A visit of a lifetime...

This week, a certain little girl in our house will turn FOUR years old! FOUR!!!  Seriously, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! 
As a birthday approaches in our house, Shane and I always find ourselves reminiscing about the day that child entered our family.  The kids enjoy hearing the details surrounding their birth and beg us to tell them "their story" again and again.  Sophie's birth day is NO exception. In fact, it's probably one of the MOST exciting "birth stories" we have to share. And even though Shane and I weren't actually present on the day our sweet girl made her grand debut in the world, the details of the days that followed her birth are some of the most thrilling days of our lives. 
No, we weren't in the delivery room, or even at the hospital when our Sophie was born, but we're completely okay with that fact. Sophie's amazing "birth story" doesn't start with Shane or I because that wasn't what the Lord planned for our sweet girl and we trust in His sovereignty. 
The Lord had someone else picked out to be in that room on that September day, and in our humble opinion, He could not have made a better choice.
He picked someone that possessed an insurmountable amount of strength and courage...
more than Shane or I could ever hope to obtain ourselves, or even together. 
He picked someone who could display more LOVE in one single decision, than we could ever hope to show in a lifetime.
He picked someone selfless, strong, and very brave.
He picked J and she is our hero. 
Shane and I are so proud of the fact that our daughter came from such a beautiful young women. We hope and pray that Sophie not only grows up to acquire J's physical features, but that she will also strive to obtain just half the amount of amazing character qualities her first mommy already possesses. 
Up until recently, we had never had the chance to physically thank this astonishing women.
We've communicated through letters and pictures, but that just didn't seem enough. We've LONGED to meet our hero and more importantly, we wanted Sophie to meet and know her too.
Well, this weekend our greatest wish and deepest desire came true. 
The Lord's timing was perfect, the details worked out, and we officially met Sophie's first mommy.
We enjoyed such a sweet visit and our first embrace was nothing short of magical;)
We FINALLY got to thank, in person, the one who's selfless act helped make our family into what it is today.
 We got to hug the one who gave us her world and changed our lives FOREVER!!!
We are beyond grateful for this precious gift and I pray that we were able to convey just a small amount of that gratitude!
While J was visiting, we took the opportunity to celebrate the one who's little life was responsible for bringing us all together.
The one who fills this house with complete joy, laughter, energy and SPUNK!  
The one who is pretty excited about the fact that she's turning FOUR on Sunday;)
After spending several sweet hours together chatting and getting to know each other better, it was time for J to be on her way. 
We all hugged goodbye and promised that we would see each other again soon.
With in minutes of seeing her off, 
Sophie was snuggled up on the couch with her new pillow pet (thanks J)
and sound asleep!
All tuckered out from her big day!
Oh how I love this girl!!!


Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

This post made me cry. Sophie is a very lucky girl.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Sweetest post ever. Truly. You are an amazing woman to allow this. Amazing the strength God gives us. Sophie is blessed beyond measure for sure.

We4Kingz said...

What a blessing!! Thanks for sharing with us!! :)

Amy said...


This brought tears to my eyes! I can see God's hand in your life through everything that takes place with your family! You are truly blessed!


Bethany said...

What an amazing post. Thank you for your godly perspective- it's so encouraging to read your blog and this post definitely stands out as one of the best :) Blessings to your sweet family!

rmolden8 said...

What a joy Sophie is and a blessing to our family. We love her more than words can say. Thank you to J for this gift of life. Beautiful words from a beautiful daughter!

Kristin said...

This made me cry! She is such a brave woman to not only give her daughter to an amazing family, but to have the strength to meet her in person!! What a wonderful day for your family. She is absolutely beautiful -- Sophie really resembles her! How precious that you all were able to spend time with her.

Sarah said...

sophie's birth mom is, indeed, a hero. a selfless choice. a brave choice. a loving choice. i'm so happy you had a special time together and i hope there are more to come. thanks for showing Christlike love!

Robinsonfam said...

You are an amazing lady Jenny. God sure knew what he was doing when he made you a mommy!

Jo said...

What an amazing gift for all! Your strength, through Him, is inspirational. Thank you for sharing this special time.


Melanie said...

Wow, huge lump in my throat! Absolutely beautiful post about a beautiful woman who gave you a beautiful baby girl!!! I cannot imagine the strength & selflessness it took for J to give up her newborn baby girl, but I praise God for the decision that she made and for the joy she brought to your household! And you & Shane have the hugest hearts that I know to have this wonderful perspective & Christlike love!! We love sweet Sophie-girl & can't wait to celebrate 4 with her!

Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing this! We also have an open adoption and have nothing but love and respect for the courageous young lady that trusted us with her daughter. Such amazing women!


Faith said...

Wow, love everything about this post. Absolutely beautiful!

Brian & Ashley said...

Love this post, so sweet, made me cry. I love adoption stories! God is so awesome! Love the pictures of J and Sophie - two beautiful ladies! What a special day for your family.

Stefanie and Bill said...

What a precious gift 'J' is to your family. What precious selflessness that you and Shane have showed her by welcoming her into your home with open arms and hearts. I am blessed by your willingness to share Sophie's story. I hope it blesses others to love adoption as much as you (and I) do!

Jason Jimenez said...

Oh my goodness...unbelievable! Do you not just marvel at God's sovereignty and perfect timing!!!??? Thank you for sharing this post, Jenny, and for letting us all be blessed by how God is moving in your family's life. Praying that J's heart was open to all that y'all shared with her all the while being thankful for the gift she has shared with you!

Kelley said...

This is such a beautiful post! I cried. Your family is such an inspiration!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Oh my goodness Jeeny, I am so happy for you all. I love your beautiful words...I know I couldn't have conveyed those feelings as perfectly as you.

Some day we hope to meet our Sophia's birth mom but I don't know that it's in God's plan for us.

It must feel amazing to finally hug her! Awesome...just awesome. I'm in tears.

xo, Jessica

Meg said...

Tears! When I saw the pictures of Sophie and J I just couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for you! What a blessing!!

annalee said...

i am soo touched by this post. what an incredible story that only God could arrange! each detail of your family is beautiful.

Kim said...

Amazing and very touching. Our son's adoption is closed. I think about his birth mom every day and so wish that I could meet her. She will never know how great the gift is that she gave. Thank you for sharing. Sophie is beautiful!

Kim said...

Sophie's birth story is very touching! My son's adoption is a closed adoption. I so wish that I could meet his birth mom. One day I am sure that we will. She will never know how much her gift means to us. Birth moms are truly special and full of Amazing Grace.

Your Sophie is just beautiful!!

JMom said...

This post is incredible. What a precious testimony. Made me cry. Blessings to all of you!