Monday, September 17, 2012

A morning at the fair

On Friday morning, my sister, B, invited the little ones and I to join her and her sweet kiddo's at the Cabarrus County Fair!
They had a special morning set aside just for preschoolers to enjoy, and my kids couldn't have been more excited to go!
We started our tour by taking in the the livestock competition. Rows upon rows of crates filled with roosters, turkeys, goats, cows, horses, and rabbits lined the inside of the arena.
 The kids had a blast getting up close-- touching and smelling-ugh;--all the different farm animals.
After the livestock tour, we headed outside to watch the pig races;)
This was by far the most exciting part of our visit. Not only do these little pigs race around a dirt track, but they also swim through a 24ft. swimming pool!!
I had no idea pigs actually swim...go figure;)
Oh, and they really like Oreo cookies too. Yup, that's their reward for winning a race...who knew;)
Anyway, during each race, an audience member was picked to represent a pig which was participating in the race. {Try saying that sentence 3x's fast-ha}
On the final swim race of the morning, Sophie was picked to represent pig number 3!!
She was so excited and did her best to cheer her little pig onto victory.
Her "hootin' and hollerin' must have done the trick, because pig #3 won the race!
Sophie was awarded a bright blue ribbon for coming in 1st place.
She was over the moon with excitement and proudly showed her blue ribbon off to everyone;)
After taking in a few more exhibits, and a yummy picnic lunch, we called it a day and headed home. It was a GREAT day filled with farm animals, pig races, and time spent laughing with the people we love most. Who could as for anything more, right?!?!?

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Melanie said...

This looks like SUCH a fun outing! And I am not surprised one bit that Sophie's pig won the race!