Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I HEART long weekends...

 Don't ya just wish EVERY weekend could be a L-O-N-G weekend?!?!?
There's enough time for...

 AHHHH...L-O-N-G weekends are the BEST:)
Oh, and I'll just throw this in here too. For breakfast on Sunday morning, I made this coffee cake!
I'm not kidding when I say that this was THE EASIEST (and yummiest)
 coffee cake I have ever made. 
My family devoured it which is always a good sign, right?!? 
Yup...this recipe is definitely a keeper;)

ENJOY your week, y'all;)


Beth Whitehill said...

What?! No recipe?? That coffee cake looks amazing...if its not a secret, could you share the recipe? Please.
You and your family are so precious! Looks like the perfect weekend!!

Courtney said...

Oh I heart long weekends! I agree, I would love if every weekend were a long weekend.

Jenny said...

Bethy...I have the link in there;) click on the phrase "this coffee cake" and it'll take you to the recipe...here's the link though...just in case. Hugs! Jenny


Melanie said...

I love long weekends, too! I agree, would be nice to have one every week! I love that you guys always pack the MOST fun & cuteness into every minute! Great pics from ALL of the activities!

julie s said...

That is a popular coffee cake here in Michigan, minus the butterscotch pudding--we just use vanilla. Don't you just love those swirls? Looks like fun!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Looks like a totally fun weekend. I really need to let Sophia to a lemonade stand when it cools down. She's been asking all summer. :) I see you still have my old blog address on your side bar. It's been changed to sweatismysanity.com I didn't renew my other one in time so they're holding it hostage for $$. :) Plus, I never like the old title anyway. xo, Jessica