Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just a random catch-up

 Since we just came home from a week of vacation, and since the beginning of school is just around the corner, I feel rushed to cram the rest of our summer fun into what little time we have left.
 This week has been an especially busy one for us...
I took AK to the ENT for a doctors appointment. She did great and I was thrilled with what I learned.  Addy-Kate's hearing was tested and the results were exactly what I had hoped and prayed for.  
 Although the hearing in her right ear is minimal, the left ear is PERFECT!!! The doctor will do some more testing in another six months or so, but as for now things look GREAT!
PRAISE THE LORD for this healthy little girl!!!

We met my sister and her sweet crew at Imaginon. 
We had tickets to see a fun magic show...
 and then had a BLAST playing and exploring the library after the show was over. 
My sister, B and I met my cousin Bunny, and her new baby boy, Peter, at my mom's house for a morning of swimming fun!
We had yet to meet this precious new addition to our family and 
Sophie couldn't wait to get her hands on him;)
As she held him, I had to remind her several times not to hug him too tightly;)
AND...did you know that August 2nd was National Ice Cream sandwich day?!?!? was!
We missed celebrating it because we were at the beach, but we HAD to recognize this important holiday once we got home;)
The kids and I got busy in the kitchen and made a "COLOSSAL ICE CREAM SANDWICH" to celebrate!
It was a delicious YUMMY mess;)
Oh, and while we are talking about yummy messes...
 this week, the kids and I have been having lots of fun with yummy food--especially at breakfast time.
The more fun the food is, the more food they actually eat-HA!
Hope y'all are having a GREAT week too;)


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Fun summer times! I am glad to hear AK's hearing is on track!

Melanie said...

What a fun week! I love how you make every day special for your kids & that you guys are taking advantage of every bit of summer!
Praising God for the wonderful report on AK's hearing!