Monday, August 13, 2012

Discovery Place and S'mores

Only two weeks left and then it's back to the ole' grind. Just two more weeks of sleeping in, lazy days by the pool, and fun-filled summer outings.  
Friday, we spent the day on one of those summer outings. Our good friends/neighbors, the Robinson's, joined us for a day at Discovery Place! 
Instead of driving, we decided to ride the train into uptown. The kids LOVED it, but Hudson was especially excited. He is REALLY into trains, so the idea of riding on a "real" one was a super BIG treat!
We packed our lunch and enjoyed a full day at the museum. 
The kids had an absolute BLAST and were all surprisingly well behaved. 
No major meltdowns=a successful trip in my book;)
The day wore our sweet Addy-Kate flat out though. 
The second we got on the train to head home, she was OUT!!!
Bless her little heart;)
And if that wasn't enough fun for one day...
Friday was also NATIONAL S'MORES DAY!
We spent the evening celebrating as we roasted marshmallows and made yummy s'mores. 
Everyone had fun being creative and coming up with new and interesting S'more combinations. 
It was a "sweet" way to end our busy summer day.


Hailey said...

Your kids are SO blessed to have a mom like you!!!

Stephanie said...

I saw national S'mores Day and knew you would celebrate! I love taking the train up to Discovery Place, what a great memory for your kids.

Courtney said...

What a fun day. I am sad that summer is coming to a close.I feel like I still have so much to squeeze in.