Saturday, August 4, 2012

Surfside Beach, 2012

We just spent the last seven days at my favorite place on earth...the beach. This was my 24th summer visiting Surfside Beach, S.C.  
That's right...ever since I was eight years old, my family has packed up our mini van and headed to Surfside to spend a week of fun in the sun. 
Now here I am...24 years later... still packing up a mini van and headin' to the seaside with my own  family;) 
The same sweet memories I made growing up, are now the memories my own kids are making. 
I actually didn't think we were going to make it to the beach this year. Because we spent several weeks in China, we weren't sure a summer vacation was something we could swing.  I had already succumb to the fact that we would be forgoing our trip this year, but I'll be honest y' broke my heart! One morning while we were still in China (and I was feeling especially homesick) Shane surprised me with the news that he had already booked our place at the beach!!! 
 He told me he couldn't imagine missing out on our family vacation this year and that he really wanted Addy-Kate to experience the beach!
What a wonderful man;)
Oh how I LOVE him;) y'all...
to say that AK enjoyed the beach would be a HUGE understatement;) 
She LOVED it. 
Totally! Immensely! Wholeheartedly!
 The sand made her squirm at first, but after a few short hours she was literally rolling around in it with her siblings and cousins-HA;) 
Shane and I watched as our baby girl danced with joy on the beach, and 
listened to her squeal with delight as she played in the ocean.
It was something I don't think either one of us will EVER forget!
Miss Sophie Lu had the time of her life too. Like anything Sophie does, she greeted the beach with spunk, energy, and zest! 
 She was especially fond of her Uncle Steve.  My brother Steve lives in London, so we hadn't seen him in quite a while.  Sophie was completely smitten by him and didn't leave his side all week long.
 Sweet HudHud enjoyed the ocean as well. 
He wasn't a huge fan of the sand or the beach, but the THAT was his very favorite place to be!
He loved jumping the waves and was the most content being held in someones arms while out in the ocean.
The pool was his other favorite spot. The higher the jump and the bigger the splash were what made him the happiest.
Corban and Riley both spent more time in the water than anywhere else this past week;) 
 Between the pool and the ocean, I'm surprised they both didn't just sprout fins and swim away.
They were quite the pair and where one went, the other was sure to follow. 
 Jumping waves, boogie boarding, and body surfing were just a few of their favorite activities. 

Not only did we enjoy plenty of time in the water this week, 
but we all had a little fun on the land as well.
Building sand creatures is just another one of our family's many traditions.
Shane and my sister KK stayed busy one morning building these awesome Angry Bird sand sculptures.
The kids also had a BLAST going to play putt putt one evening.
 Steve was able to tag along with us too, which made our evening extra special.
The kids were so proud of the fact that they each successfully scored a "hole in one" during the game! 
I think every night after that, they begged and begged for us to take them golfing again;)
It was SUCH a wonderful week...
 filled with contagious laughter, unforgettable moments, and sweet sweet memories. 
We are already looking forward to year #25!!!


Kristin said...

Looks like y'all had an amazing time!! Oh my word, that last picture of the kids with AK looking back at you is absolutely precious!!!

Courtney said...

So happy you were able to make this beach vacation happen. The pictures of all of them on the beach are so precious!

Maydelin said...

It's looks like all of you had a great time there, It's make a little jealous , I want to go to the beach so bad!! But I have to wait like a month, and that water looks so nice... Also I'm glad that you want to make great memories for your kids because they will remembered their whole life

Melanie said...

I have been waiting for this post to see pics of ALL the fun you guys had at the beach! The photos are SO amazing (!!!) & AK looks like she has been in your family forever! I can hardly picture your family without her in it! So glad you guys had an awesome time! Welcome home & we hope to see you soon, my Sophie keeps telling me every day that it has been SO long since she has seen AK! Oh, & I can't wait to show Jack the pics of the Angry Birds sand creations, those rock!

Celia Jimenez said...

I don't know why...but this post made me tear up. To see y'all enjoying something that you always enjoy...but this year with sweet AddyKate...I just cannot believe how amazing and wonderful our God is. Good job, Shane! Way to be hubby/daddy of the year! :-) So glad y'all were able to go and enjoy your time there!

The Hatley Home said...

Love all the beach pics!! So glad that AK loved it and that you all had a great time as a family!!

We always go to Surfside too!! My parents have a house in Lakewood Campground. It's a great place to go!

paige said...


Brian & Ashley said...

Looks like a great vacation! Glad you all were able to go. Love the picture of your family at the top of your page - so...cute!

Stefanie and Bill said...

So happy you were able to go and Shane took care of business to make it happen! What a blessing to see you all together at the beach!!!!

just ask beth said...

your family is beautiful!

julie s said...

You need to frame that last pic!! It could be a Christmas card too. It needs to be displayed--ADORABLE!!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Beautiful beach pictures! I'm so glad you had fun!