Sunday, July 1, 2012

Makin' a Splash in Guangzhou

 Thanks so much for your prayers, emails, and comments concerning my last post. I'm so happy to report that Riley is feeling MUCH better. Praise the Lord!!! He was actually swimming and playing only a few hours after getting sick. We are not sure if it really was a stomach bug or not, but whatever it was, at least it was short lived. Please continue to pray that NO ONE else will get it!
So, our time here in Guangzhou is off to a great start! We love this city already and have only been here ONE day! It's a beautiful place to visit and a little quieter than Xi'an was. 
It's a nice change of pace for us. 
We will be here until Friday afternoon and then catch a train into Hong Kong. 
From there, we will fly home early Saturday morning!
Because we will be in Guangzhou for another FIVE days, it was time to do a little laundry. 
We were definitely running out of clean things to wear;)
Instead of sending our clothes out to be washed though, Shane decided we would just wash them in the bath tub. Apparently, that's what he did when he was in the Marines-ha!
So last night, we turned our hotel bathroom into a makeshift laundry mat! 
Shane washed and I hung them dry.
Surprisingly enough, our clothes came pretty clean and I guess we saved a few dollars in the process;)

 This morning,we met our guide for a little sightseeing and shopping!
 Our guide in this city is a gentleman named Elvin. He is a super nice guy and we have already enjoyed his company. Today, we were also joined by another adoptive father and his precious new son. This is that father's THIRD time making this unforgettable trip, so this time he was able to go at it alone. His wife stayed back home with their other two daughters. Their new little guy is JUST precious and I can only imagine how excited that momma is to finally meet her new son;)
 So together we jumped in a van and visited the Big Banyan Pagoda today!
 Unlike the cooler weather we experienced in the beginning of the week, Guangzhou is REALLY REALLY hot and humid!!
 So after being out all morning in the heat and humidity, a nice dip in the pool sounded like the PERFECT thing!
At first, Addy-Kate wasn't so sure she liked the idea or not.
 But after a little encouragement from her daddy, all was good!!
She LOVED swimming and had so much fun splashing around in the pool! I'm quite relived she liked it so much, because that's where she'll be spending the majority of her summer once we get home;)


Maydelin said...

I have not had the opportunity to congratulate for your new little Girl!! Addy Kate is just precious! and she looks so happy in the pictures1

AbbyS. said...

could not be cuter!! She is just perfect. What a beautiful addition to your already beautiful family.

Celia Jimenez said...

Have all the Chinese people asked for your autograph? Girl, you look like a movie star in those pictures!!! They probably think some celebrity has graced their town!!! :-) Talked to KK today...glad Riley is feeling better! So excited for y'all to come home and meet ADDY KATE!!!! Praying for the journey home!

Melanie said...

Yay, AK loves the pool!! I can just picture her & Sophie together at the pool in their matching swimsuits & bows! They are going to be TOO cute!! Oh & I agree with Celia, you totally look like a star!!!