Monday, July 2, 2012

"Doctor Day"

 So, last night Shane and I decided to head out on the town and do a little exploring. We had heard from other adoptive families that Shamian Island was a great place to visit while staying in Guangzhou.  We decided to grab a taxi and head there for the night! The "island" was just BEAUTIFUL! It's close to the water and there are some really neat shops there which cater to adoptive parents. We purchased a few traditional chinese dresses and some adorable squeaky shoes for the girls.  After shopping, we had dinner at a local Thai restaurant there called The Cow and Bridge. 
It was absolutely DELICIOUS!
 When we got back to the hotel it was BATH time! 
 AK absolutely LOVES her bath...especially when bubbles are added!!!
 After BUBBLES though...bath time SNUGGLES have to be the next sweetest thing;)
 We all had a good nights rest, and in the morning it was off to the doctors office for Addy-Kate's medical exam.
 I was super nervous about how she would do, but thankfully she did pretty well! At the beginning of the week, whenever we would do something different or go to a new place she would cling. If we ever put her down, she never went very far and always made sure she was with in our reach. 
 Now, (even at the doctors office today) she was a wide open mess;)
When we let her down, she just RUNS away laughing and looks back to see if we are chasing her. 
We are amazed at how far she has come in just over a week!!
We saw a total of four doctors this morning, each checking something different about our girl!
 AK weighs a grand total of 22 pounds
 and is 32.5 inches tall!
Bless her heart...she's just a peanut;) But a healthy one at that;)
 And after a TB test, our doctor's appointment finally came to an end!! 
Sweet little thing! 
I think we were BOTH glad to have that part of our day behind us;)


Julie said...

Love reading your adoption journey! She is precious!!

Courtney said...

Glad things continue to go well. Those after bath snuggles with Shane are just precious.

Laura said...

I am enjoying reading about your journey so much!!!! Congrats again on that precious girl :)

Amy P. said...

I love your blog. Just have one question, how old is sweet Addy-Kate? I cant find where you have mentioned that.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I've been catching up on all your posts. I am just so happy for you! She looks so happy! What a doll!

simplyfarmhouse said...

Our daughter who is 3 now came from Guangzhou...beautiful place. congrats there is nothing so precious as adopting.

Melanie said...

Oh precious peanut! AK is soooooo cute! What precious bedtime snuggles!! Glad that all checked out well at the doctor's office! And sounds like a great little outing to Shamian Island, I love Thai food!