Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear Addy-Kate...

 Today is our 13th day in China! The country that brought us YOU!!
 Everyday we find reasons to fall in love with this place more and more. It's filled with beautiful sights, amazing food, and the most friendly people. 
 We miss our home and family so... much it hurts, yet we long to be here and learn more about this place which YOU have called home for the last two years. 
 We want to soak up as much of China as we can, so that one day when you have questions about your birth place, we can share with you all we know.
 Today, our guide took us to visit the most beautiful park to play.
 For fun, Daddy bought you a ride on this little sheep. I don't think you had ever been on anything like that before because the moment it started to move, you cried. Mommy quickly jumped on with you, to show you it was safe, and you (kind-of) liked it then!
As we walked around the park, Daddy took the time to stop and show you all sorts of cool and interesting things.
 Little things still amaze you and we LOVE to see the world through your sparking brown eyes!
 China is THE ONLY place where it's okay for you to accept treats from random strangers and considered RUDE if you don't! We won't make this a habit at home AK, but here... people love you and ask to hold and take pictures of you ALL THE TIME!!!!
 You are quite the little celebrity!!!
I don't think you have EVER seen or climbed a set of stairs before!
Any time you see them now, you just  HAVE to explore them and see what's at the top. 
 You aren't very good at making it up them yet. 
You mostly crawl your way up...and coming back down...well lets just say you definitely still need a hand to hold;)
 We happened upon some little arcade games while at the park. Daddy sooo wanted to win you one of those HUGE, GINORMOUS stuffed animal things, but mommy made him stop trying after two rounds;)
 You had to settle for a package of Angry Bird Bubbles instead;)
but I think you were still HAPPY;)
 I hope you enjoyed your day today, sweet girly!
 I know your daddy and I both enjoyed our day with YOU!


Kristin said...

This post made me cry!! That precious little girl has no idea how wonderful her life is going to be!! How amazing!! Oh, and I just can't imagine having strangers giving my kids treats and they must take them...wow, how different!!

Ms. Elaine said...

Oh I was so excited to read your post! For some time know I could not get onto you blog but today when I tried it was open. I LOVE reading about you and your little ones....thanks for sharing

Love Being A Nonny said...

She actually lives in huntersville...not far from you I guess. She has an etsy shop and when I get home I will post the website! Thanks!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

What an incredible adventure you have had! I'm trying to get caught up on all your new posts!