Saturday, June 30, 2012

Plane Ride and Prayer Requests

So we made it to Guangzhou safely.
 I wish I could say that Addy-Kate really enjoyed her first airplane ride, but unfortunately she did not:(
We had to wake her up rather early this morning to head to the airport. 
One thing we have learned about our girl is that she is NOT a morning person;) She needs a little time to wake up each day, and likes to do so slowly;)
Anyway, I think she was still a little tired and just couldn't get comfortable on the plane.  
She has a little cold too, so I'm wondering if that had anything to do with her irritability.  
Finally, with only about 15 minutes left on our two and a half hour flight, she decided to take a snooze;) Bless her heart! After our flight today though, Shane and I are getting a little more nervous about that LONG 15 hour ride home we have coming up in less than a week. Please say a little prayer for us, if you don't mind! We sure could use it;)

Also, could you say a little prayer for my kids back home too?? We got a call from my sisters a few minutes ago and they said Riley just starting throwing up:( Oh y'all...I cried when I heard the news. It's hard enough being away from my kids when they are healthy, but it just breaks my heart to know that one of them is sick! I HATE not being there to care for them!!! Please pray this bug passes QUICKLY and that no one else will get it.The stomach bug seems so contagious:(

Anyway, the rest of our day today was spent settling in to our new hotel room. We are staying at the Garden in Guangzhou which is just beautiful. 
We took a little walk outside this afternoon just to become acquainted with our new surroundings. As we strolled around, we kept our eyes out for local places to eat that may serve food which remind us of home. Today, we found a Pizza Hut!!! 
We went in and ordered our favorite Hawaiian pizza topped with loads of ham and pineapple. It was absolutely DELICIOUS and Addy-Kate loved it too!!
Tomorrow morning, we will meet our guide to do a little sight-seeing and shopping. We will be joined by another adoptive family who is here with our agency too. We are already looking forward to a GREAT day;)


Brian & Ashley said...

Oh, no! Poor Riley. I actually started to cry when I read this post. My heart aches for you. Praying for you and your family and sending hugs your way. Try and focus on all the good that God is doing and not let Satan feed you any lies. Hang in there, you'll be home shortly. xoxo

Jodi Brown said...


Melanie said...

Oh sweet Riley! Praying, praying, praying for everyone! Praying that your remaining days in China pass quickly in a flurry of fun activities & that your trip home is very, very God be the glory! Yay, for Pizza Hut, I bet it tasted SO good!

Jeremy, Holly, Haven and Jovie said...

I met your sweet kiddos yesterday. The boys were such gentlemen and sweet Sophie told me all about her new sister. We had such a fun time swimming at your parent's house with Bethany and friends. Praying for ya'll.

Sarah said...

oh addy kate!! have you any idea, sweet one, just how loved and prayed for you are?! you have an army of people praying you and your parents through this last leg of a long journey home!

and handsome riley, hang in there little man. grandma is the absolute best thing when mom's not available and i know you're being loved and cared for!

and sweet jenny, you are on the homestretch friend! you will come home with a faith you never knew you had because you chose to rely on God's provision every.single.step.of.the.way.

love and prayers!!