Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Day on the Farm

Sometimes you meet someone and you just instantly "click" with that person! You find that you share so many of the same interests and could literally spend hours sipping sweet tea and chatting! That's how I would describe my sweet friendship with Laura! We've been acquaintances for MANY years, but just recently have taken the time to truly get to know each other!
What a joy and blessing it is to now call her one of my dearest friends! Laura is married to Jeremy and while growing up, my family and Jeremy's family were really close friends. Our families attended the same church and did a lot of fun things together!
Jeremy and Laura have four kids now and live only about thirty minutes away from us. 
Their house was built on over 150 acres and they are surrounded by rollings hills and beautiful country sides. They have an awesome farm where they raise cattle and sell their organic beef. Laura graciously invited the kids and I to come over for the day and enjoy a play date out in the country;)
 My kids (especially the boys) had a BLAST!
 They rode their bikes, played in the creek, and even got to ride around on this cool RTV.

I called the RTV a tractor by mistake, and was quickly reminded that it was NOT a TRACTOR but an RTV!!!! Gotta work on my farm equipment definitions;)
The kids even got to meet and feed the three little  HUGE pigs!
Laura also invited us to visit their Tractor and Farm Equipment Store and let the kids take a spin on some of the tractors there! goodness were my kids excited! 
Daddy...this is what Hudson wants for Christmas;)
Conner and buds!
Boys and their toys!
And after our fun-filled day, this is what I found in my backseat on our drive back home....

three sleeping babies!
A definite sign of a GREAT day!


Jillian said...

I sure love reading your blog. As I'm reading this post its reminding me of back home so much. Pretty sure that you are speaking of Jeremy and Laura Brooks, but I could be wrong. I never knew them very well but our families had the farming in common. I knew Anna a little better. I can see just why that would have gone down as one of the best playdates ever. So much fun! I do wish so much we lived closer--would love to learn how to make some knot dresses and sew with you some--perhaps even some of your athleticism would rub off on me--might be a stretch but hey!

Stefanie and Bill said...

So much fun! The sleeping photos cracked me up...especially Riley!

Brian & Ashley said...

Looked like a great day! ~Also, Praying your family doesn't have any issues from the hurricane.

Courtney said...

What great opportunity for your family. Nothing like some fresh country air to wear them out.

Pam said...

Praying you won't be harmed in any way from the hurricane. Love your blog. You are such a creative and fun mom.

Terri said...

What a fun day & what a blessing to experience life the way it used to be. Friendships are such a precious gift!! Blessings!!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

What a fun day! I'd say that the kids had a good time!