Friday, March 20, 2009

Week 36!

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. I was nervous going in to this appointment because my doctor had let me know at my last visit that he was concerned about the growth of the baby. Apparently, I am measuring on the small side and my growth had slowed down the past few weeks too. Well, I had an ultrasound yesterday and was relieved to hear that all is well.
Thank you, Lord!!!
Apparently, Hudson is just all smashed in there. His head is down and very, very low, so when my doctor is measuring me, he is not getting an accurate measurement of the entire baby. According to the ultrasound, Hudson weighs somewhere between 5 and 6 pounds right now. My fluid levels looked GREAT too! I was so relieved to know that my little guy is growing normally and appears to be quite healthy and strong! Praise the Lord!!! My doctor also told me that he would call me next week in order to schedule my induction. I should have an exact date as to when we will meet our little guy soon!!

Week 36!


Susan said...

You look great Jenny! Glad to hear everything is well!

4torock said...

How exciting-- I am soo looking forward to seeing your little guy and know that it means not tooo much longer for me!! lol U look GREAT!!:)

Terri said...

You look wonderful! I am glad all is well!!

Celia Jimenez said...

I'm so glad your doctor's appointment went well!! :-) Sounds like lil Hudson is getting all geared up for his big debut! Can't wait to see the little squirt!!!

MiMi said...

You look so cute! I can't believe you are already 36 weeks. I am so thankful that everything was fine at your doctor visit.

Can't wait to find out when we get to meet Hudson! Won't be long now!

Dawn Massey said...

only four weeks (or less) to go! wow! you look awesome! can't wait to hear when we will be meeting the little guy!!!

Darlene said...

Beautiful pregnant lady!

Praise God that all is well with your precious little one! We can't wait to meet him!

how is his room coming? I have not checked in in a few days... so I am off to check your blog and see if you posted pics.


Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

You look precious!! I can't believe it's almost time :)

Kelly said...

You look amazing!

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

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Kelly said...

You look great! Best Wishes!!