Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Somewhat encouraged!

In my last post I talked about some of the challenges families are facing during their adoption from the Ukraine. After speaking with Dave, our adoption program director at Orphans Hope, he offered some valuable insight that helped put our minds a little more at ease. We also received fabulous news today from two sweet families that are in the Ukraine right now. Both of them had their SDA appointment this morning. One family accepted a referral to go visit a healthy, five year old girl near the Donetsk region. The other family accepted a referral to go visit a healthy, 7 year old,girl. This news was so encouraging to hear in the midst of the unsettling news that we have received lately. I can't wait to hear more about these precious girls. I am praying that these families have found their children!!!!
On another note... Riley was diagnosed with viral tonsillitis over the weekend =(. He ran a fever for several days with no other symptoms. On Saturday morning he woke up and his fever was 104.8! So SCARY!!!! I took him to the doctor right away. His fever broke on Sunday and he seemed to be doing much better. Then the other day he woke up with the inside of his little mouth covered in white sores. I was thinking it was just part of the virus and hoped it would go away soon. The sores are still there and he is so... miserable!!!!! He can hardly eat anything because his mouth is so sore. We have yet another appointment with the doctor this afternoon to get him checked out. Please pray that my little guy will feel better soon!!

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