Thursday, March 13, 2008

New swing set!!!

When we moved from our old house we had to leave our swing set behind. We planned on taking it with us, but when the buyers came to purchase our home they wanted the swing set to stay. We were sad to leave it behind because our boys had so much fun on it. Because of the swing set, our old backyard kind of became the neighborhood hangout. We promised the boys we would get another one when we moved into our new house. Well today that promise became a reality!!!!! The boys sat and watched intently as the "worker man" put the set together. Within two hours it was up and ready to play on! We are so excited to finally have our own swing set again!

**Please ignore how horrible our yard and our neighbors yard looks. Because we are in a new development and because of the drought no one has been able to get any grass to grow. Therefore our yards are full of weeds and straw. **

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