Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jacksonville, 2015

Hi there! It's been a L-O-N-G time! I've missed this ole' blog of mine. I've gone back and forth about shutting it down or not, but ultimately decided to give it a go again.  I love that it helps me keep my plethora of pictures organized, AND it's a fun way for family and friends (both near and far) to know what's going on in this crazy house. I promised myself that I would get back to blogging this summer, but seriously, this summer is flying by. (SOB) 
I can't believe it almost the end of JULY. 
So...buckle your seat belts folks... and get ready for the wild ride. 
It'll take several posts to catch you up, but here goes nothing;) 

Over Spring break, the kids and I got to tag along on Shane's business trip to Jacksonville! We truly had one of the BEST weeks EVER. (And just a little side note: Our house was on the market during this time too. We were told by our realtor that spring break was one of the busiest showing weeks of the year. Keeping a house "show ready" on a normal day was no joke, never mind over a week were  all five kiddo's would be home from school. I didn't have to think twice when Shane mentioned coming with him. It was off to Jacksonville for a week of fun in the sun!!) 
The guys outside our hotel.
Eating at a local seafood restaurant called LuLu's.
Our Sophie's nickname;)
Swimming in the hotel pool.
Cuddles with Daddy!

Day TWO: We got wild and crazy at the Jacksonville Zoo!

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Tracy Fowlkes said...

I've really missed your blog.....tho I had baby #4 in Feb and have only posted once on mine so I see how things get so busy!