Sunday, April 5, 2015

An Egg-cellent Day!

Yesterday, our sweet friends, the Robinson's, hosted their annual Easter EGG-travaganza!!!
It's such a hit each year that my kids look forward to it almost as much as they do Christmas morning;) 
 And one thing is for SURE...
Bryan and Juli KNOW how to have an Easter egg hunt!!!
They filled and hid over 800 eggs for the kids to hunt this year.
SERIOUSLY...800 Easter Eggs!!!!!!!!
 And while most ordinary egg hunts are over in a matter of seconds... 
the Robinson Egg-travaganza lasts for nearly a half- hour!!!!!
The kids usually have to take a time out at some point during the hunt in order to dump their baskets out so they can have room for more eggs.
It's crazy FUN!
After the hunt, the kids had a blast playing a few Easter games.
"Can you guess the flavor of the Jelly Bean?" was a hit with the big kids. 

 And everyone enjoyed a round of Egg Hunt BINGO!
 Corban and Sophie's team WON! They were just a tad excited;)
 We are certainly blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives. 
Friends who love us, and invest so much time and energy into loving our kids!
We are BLESSED!!!!
Happy Happy Easter EVERYONE!

HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!!!


Bethany said...

I love everything about this! Some of those expressions and grins you captured...priceless! Happy Easter to the Bruce clan! =)

Oh, and is it wrong that I'm super jealous about seeing green grass and short sleeves? Our snow has aaaaalmost melted. Sigh. HA

Melissa said...

So much fun and such a great family picture!!! Happy Easter to your family!

Tracy said...

What a wonderful day!!!

Brian & Ashley said...

Happy Easter! Looks like a great day!

Ms. Elaine said...

You seem to have such fun with your family! I love reading your must tell me how Egg Hunt Bingo is played and how many are on a team! It looks like so much fun! If you would prefer to email me, I can give you my email via a comment that you do not post. Thanks, Elaine

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

How fun! That is a LOT of eggs! Love the family picture at the end. Happy Easter!