Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Clemson and Our Soccer Stars

Our girl, Charlotte, just graduated from Clemson!! We were beyond proud of her and ALL her amazing accomplishments. She is such a blessing to our family and we were so excited to celebrate her on her special day. 
The kids and I headed to Clemson for the day to attend her graduation party.
The party was held at her grandparents lake house. The kids had so much fun and enjoyed spending the day at the lake.
A future Clemson grad...we'll see;)
That same weekend, we wrapped up another awesome soccer season for Riley and Hudson. They each had great seasons and made lots of sweet buddies on their teams.
Hudson had a awesome coach.
He was patient, kind and very encouraging to the boys. 
 Hudson loved playing for Charlotte Soccer Academy and can't wait for a new season to begin soon. 

Riley also had a "GREAT" coach;) 
His team was undefeated and that made for a really FUN season. They played HARD and had many games were it was a close, but each time they were able to walk away with a win! 

Such a GREAT group of boys! 

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