Sunday, September 14, 2014

Welcome to the world baby, Emery!

Friday night, at 9:23pm, our family welcomed it's newest member. My sister B, and brother-in-law Matt, added this SWEET 7lb. 12oz tiny miracle to their precious little family.
B and Matt now have two boys and TWO girls.
 Emery Caroline evened things out for their crew, and Brooklyn (finally) got the baby sister she's dreamed about!!!
On Saturday afternoon, after Riley's season opener, we headed up to the hospital to meet sweet Emery!
We were ALL dying to meet this newest bundle and
as we made our way into the hospital room, my kids were bickering with one another over WHO was going to be the FIRST to hold Emery;)
There should be NO surprise as to WHO ended up getting first dibs;)
Riley got to hold her next and from the moment she was placed in his arms...
 he was completely SMITTEN!!!
As his turn came to an end, he wasn't quick to let go and begged to hold her a little longer.
Others were waiting, so he reluctantly passed her along.
But as she made her way around the room from person to person, 
Riley stuck close by.
He just ADORED Emery!
Hudson was pretty proud of his newest cousin too! 
He giggled with joy as she wiggled and kicked in his arms.
My amazing parents are now the proud(est) Mimi and Papa to a grand total of NINE grand babies.
Oh, what JOY new life brings!!!!!


The Andlers said...

9 grandkids and 4 more children to still marry! amazing! can you imagine how huge your family events will be in about 10 years.

Brian & Ashley said...

Congrats Auntie! She's beautiful!

Faith said...

So sweet! And, I love her name 😉

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

Congratulations to your sweet family!!!