Friday, July 25, 2014

Welcome to CiCi's

 My sweet sister, B, is really great at planning outings for the kids. She LOVES a good field trip, and is always so gracious about inviting my kids to tag along too. It's the teacher in her shining through;) Yesterday, she had a tour planned for us at CiCi's Pizza. 
I FUN, right!?! kids definitely thought so. 
 We had a great time learning all about pizza, how it's made, and meeting who actually makes it. 
 We toured the kitchen, peaked in the enormous refrigerator,  saw how they make their dough, and  learned about the oven which cooks a pizza in less than FIVE minutes.
After our grand tour was over, the kids gathered around the table and each got to make their own personal pizza.
And yes...a little sampling was going on too;)
Totally caught in the act.
The girl could not help herself;)
And just as promised, our pizza's were in and out of the oven in about FIVE minutes. 
And to be didn't take much longer than that for my hungry crew to dig in and devour their delicious creations;)


Bethany said...

It was a fun morning, wasn't it? A fun summer fieldtrip for the crew:) Glad we could do it and you all could come!

Sara Moon said...

Oh what a FUN trip! I love summer field trips. Thanks for sharing!