Thursday, July 24, 2014

The BEST week of the summer

Summer break isn't over quite yet, but I think it's safe to say that we just wrapped up the BEST week of our entire summer. Heck...It may have been the BEST week of THE entire YEAR!  One of my sweet friends compared it to waking up on Christmas morning five days in a row.  
Yup...that's a pretty good description about our Vacation Bible School! 
Five wonderful days filled with nothin but excitement, high energy, and AMAZING FUN! 
Seeing 800 kids get excited about praising, worshiping, and serving JESUS was truly breath taking!! 
It was a blessing for me to serve on the VBS leadership team again this year! Not only did I help head up the craft department, but I also got to play a fun part in the VBS drama each morning;)
My sweet friend Melanie and I were "Sissy and Missy"--
two very perky and peppy cheerleaders;)
 We switched things up just a bit in the craft department this year. The kids made something for the first three days of the week, but on Thursday and Friday they had the opportunity to put "feet to their faith" as they worked with Servants with a Heart. 
This was hands down, the high light of the entire week. For two days I got to help our kids pack over 53,000 meals to feed the people in Nicaragua! Our VBS kids raised over $16,000.00 for this project. They paid for it! They prepared it! They packed it!  And then they prayed over each food box they filled! 
They did it ALL!!! 
I was BLOWN away!!!!
 The grand finale to our amazing week was rocking it out with the "Go Fish Guys" in concert on Friday night at our church! 
If you have never heard of Go Fish...look them up. They are AMAZING! And I'll LOVE their music just as much as your kids do.


Melissa said...

Amazing!!! VBS is one of our favorite weeks of the year too. I love seeing how the Lord works year after year in the hearts of kiddos.

Sara Moon said...

I love the idea of waking up to CHRISTmas 5 days in a row. That is so true. : )) I also love the after VBS naps.