Friday, May 16, 2014

That's a wrap summer quickly approaches, many of our "school year" activities are coming to an end. And as happy as I am for our schedule to slow down just a bit, I'm also a little sad that some of our very favorite activities are now over.
 Riley has enjoyed an AWESOME season on the Stingrays swim team. He's learned a ton and each of his strokes have improved immensely.  This little team ended last week, just in time for our neighborhood swim team to begin.
Both of the big boys will now swim for our neighborhood team this summer, and we are anticipating a super fun time!
Corban's soccer season has come to an end as well. 
These boys played so hard this year, and as the season progressed, we got to see them grow as a team.
And of course, we had the cutest little cheering section on the sidelines for each and every game.
 We also wrapped up a wonderful year of children's choir at church. The season ended with a special  musical last Sunday evening. I sooo enjoyed leading the preschool choir this year and will miss each one of my sweet little Wee Praisers.
 Awana and Gopher Buddies (our Wednesday evening church activities) have ended too.
  Corban has one more year in his group, but Riley and Sophie both graduated onto a new level.
 Riley will now join Corban in T&T next fall, and Miss Sophie will no longer be a Gopher Buddy like Hudson and AK, but a (big girl) Sparky!
Riley completed all three books while in Sparks (which adds up to memorizing over 150 scripture verses), and as part of his special award he got to spend the entire day with his daddy at AWANA camp.
So last Saturday, my two guys (and some of Riley's sweet friends from church) headed up to camp to enjoy a day of nothing but FUN in the sun! 
And needless to say, they had the best time EVER!!
 School will be out in a matter of weeks, and I could not be happier. I am soooo ready for the kids to be home, for our schedule to be less chaotic, and for our days to look more like this picture above;)

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Courtney said...

I am sure you guys will find lots of fun to fill your summer. We have 2 more weeks of school. I have to admit I am a little sad about school ending this year because so many of my kids have nothing fun to go home to. I wish they all had parents like you who are planning fun and exciting activities to keep their kids busy for the summer.