Thursday, February 13, 2014

I "mustache" you to be mine

So...I think our little valentines turned out pretty cute this year. Who knows when we will actually return to school to exchange them though?!?! However, when this snow finally melts and we head back...we will be ready. 
 I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the whole "mustache" theme that seemed to be so popular this year!
 And I thought it would make the perfect valentine. 
The kids had fun posing for their pictures and then I used picmonkey to turn them into sweet valentines.
We added adhesive mustaches to Sophie and Riley's, but Addy-Kate preferred to give her friends chocolate;)
Corban wasn't too thrilled with the whole "mustache" thing, so I told him to go online and find a valentine he liked. He chose this one and I thought it was SUPER DUPER CUTE!!! I didn't tell him that though because I didn't think "SUPER DUPER CUTE" was exactly what he was going for;)  
 Since Hudson doesn't go to school yet this year, 
 and he doesn't have any class parties to attend, he decided to hand-make all his special valentines. 
He even added a sweet message to each one.

 And since Valentines Day is TOMORROW, AND since we are stuck in the house because of the snow, we got a little crafty this morning and made these plastic heart ornaments.
 They turned out so pretty and look lovely hanging in my kitchen window. 
School or no school tomorrow, I am definitely ready to celebrate Valentines Day with all my little (and big) LOVES!

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