Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Happenings we are half way through the month of February already. Say what?? 
Time seems to be ticking by so fast these days, and I'm just doing my best to breathe and keep up with it all. Shane's been traveling A LOT with work lately, and with him gone so much, I'm left at home holding down this crazy and sometimes wild fort by myself;) 
The big boys are a HUGE help though, and I think they enjoy being called the "men of the house"!!

So this post is a catch up on all our FUN February happenings. 
The first two weeks of the month is Chinese New Year! And while our family doesn't celebrate every single day like they do in China, we have had fun making this holiday significant and special!
We've enjoyed trying some different Chinese dishes and have even gotten silly playing games with chop sticks.
We have ONE more celebration planned for Saturday night. This time we will party with several other families who have adopted from China too. We can't wait!
February is also called the "month of LOVE"!
We enjoyed having our cousins over to celebrate with a little Valentine party/play-date!
We had a blast doing a few Valentine crafts and then indulged in a pink and red themed lunch!
The kids read some Valentine books and exchanged sweet cards with one another. 
Such a precious time!
 And the fun didn't stop there. No siree...
Later that night, Miss Sophie Lu had her first ever FRIEND sleep over. Sophie's bff, Zoe, came over for a night of non stop giggles, cotton candy, and princess movies. 
And surprisingly they DID sleep. I couldn't believe it, but they actually slept;)

 February has also brought us lots of SNOW DAYS! 
 I don't remember the last time we saw this much snow in the south, but it's been AWESOME!!! As I type this right now, the ground is covered in at least 6 inches of white, fluffy snow.  
 There's NO school again today and as soon as the sun comes up, my kids will be begging to head out and play.
 So today will probably be filled with more sledding, more snowmen, more hot cocoa, and DEFINITELY more FUN!!!


Brian & Ashley said...

Happy Early Birthday, Sweet Friend! Hope you have a great day. --Wow! 6" of snow. How fun for the kids. Have a great birthday! xoxo

Courtney said...

You guys have been having some fun in Feb. Enjoy the snow!