Sunday, January 26, 2014

Painted Throw Pillows

So, are any of you fans of Groopdealz???? That and are two of my VERY VERY favorite shopping sites!! Seriously, they have THE cutest/trendiest stuff and it's usually very reasonably priced too. The only catch is that the deals they offer only last about 24 hours! So if you see something you can't live with out, act fast, because chances are they'll sell out quickly.
Anyway, both sites have been offering adorable pillow covers lately. I've been temped on several different occasions to purchase one (or four), but haven't just yet. 

Chalk Board Family POPULAR FABRIC Throw Pillow by decomodwalls, $25.00 
This was one of the covers I was thinking about getting. 
I mean, how cute is that...
I thought it would be a fun addition to the playroom sofa upstairs.
Well, I hemmed and hawed too long and missed the deal:( 
I think it was listed for $14.99. 
Still a bit high for my taste (and wallet), but after checking the vendors etsy site where it's sold for $29.99, I was bummed that I missed out on the sale.
BLACK HEART PILLOW by elasticco on Etsy - Photo 
I also had my eye on this one too. So cute...and super fun for Valentines day;)
But at $14.99 as well, I wasn't convinced it was a steal of a deal either. 

SOOOOOO...I decide to make my own;)

My plan was to get some fabric and make my own cover following THIS awesome tutorial,
but then I realized that Hobby Lobby had all their pillow covers marked 50% off this week!!!!
They had a GREAT selection and at $3-$5 a pop, I just couldn't go wrong. 

This was such a simple and fast project.
Here's all you need:
Pillow cover (picked up several from hobby lobby)
and insert
Good paint brushes
Fabric Paint. 
 Lay your pillow cover out flat and draw out your design using the chalk.
You could certainly use a stencil here, but for my pillow, I was going for a little less formal look.
 After you have created your design, place a brown paper bag in between the front and back cover to prevent your paint from bleeding. 
Now, carefully go back over your design with the fabric paint.
I recommend having several different sized brushes handy in order to get nice clean lines.
After it TOTALLY drives, wipe off all the excess chalk with a clean rag.
Stuff your cover with your pillow insert and ta's done!
This project took me less than 30 minutes to complete
and I spent less that $5.00.
And because this was such an easy (and cheap) project to complete, 
I went ahead and made a few heart pillows as well.
 Getting crafty AND saving money always makes me happy;)


Courtney said...

Those pillows are adorable. I love, I usually start my morning eating breakfast and searching for new deals.

Le Ann said...

So So cute!!!

Bethany said...

Very cute!! =)

Tracy said...

What a great idea!!!

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Julie said...

SOOOO adorable!! I'm glad to revisit your blog! I've missed your positive spirit and ideas!

jen said...

Darling!!! On another note: your home is so welcoming and lovely! And, also so clean looking! Would you ever consider a post about how/what/when you clean? I would be most appreciative!!! Love, love, love your blog and get so many ideas and inspirations here! Thank you with all my heart for sharing!!