Thursday, January 30, 2014

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it SNOW!

 So before I post pictures of the "Winter Blizzard" we experienced this week, I must first blog about the play date my sweet three had with their cousins last week. My sister, B, invited us to join her and her crew for a morning of fun at the Romp and Roll. The kids got to participate in one of their "free Friday" classes which they offer as a promotion from time to time. 
The girls picked the "Princess Party"class, while the boys headed to the gym for gymnastics! 
 Everyone had an absolute blast and are STILL talking about all the fun things they did while they were together.
Now onto our snow day...
So, we finally saw some snow down here in the south;) 
 After so many down right COLD days, it was a blessing to get a little snow to go along with the frigid temps we've experienced.

They were predicting several inches of accumulation,  but our area only got about an 1/2 inch. It wasn't even enough to cover the grass, but it was all we needed in order to cancel school (for two whole days)!!! 
We LOVE us some SNOW DAYS!!!!
Our driveway, which was coated with the perfect mixture of snow and ice, was awesome for sledding. We may not have been able to build a snowman (this time around), but we did have hours of sledding fun to keep us busy.
Here in the Carolina's, many of us don't even own sleds, so we have to improvise with... 
boogie boards. 
Surprisingly, they worked just as well;)
After several hours out in the elements, a nice cup of hot cocoa hit the spot!
So thankful for sweet snow days, cozy time at home, and the fun memories we made while it was here!!


Brian & Ashley said...

Glad you got a bit of snow - how fun!! The picture of Addy Kate smiling and hugging Riley and the concerned look on his face is priceless!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Sweet sweet days!