Tuesday, January 14, 2014

GO team USA!!!!!

 We are really enjoying our weekends around here right now. Soccer season hasn't geared back up yet, so our Saturday mornings are much more relaxing than what we are used too. The kids are still up at the crack of dawn though, but it's a blessing NOT having a reason to rush right out the door. And even though there's not much sleeping in going on, it's still nice to just relax and take our mornings at a slower pace.
Of course, one of our very favorite places to be on a Saturday morning is in the kitchen. 
And this weekend, the kids helped me make these cinnamon roll pancakes for breakfast. 
I don't know why we haven't tried something like this before now.
They were absolutely DELICIOUS! 
 Definitely a new Saturday morning FAV around here!!!

After breakfast, Shane and I took the kids to the YMCA for a bit. The kids LOVE going and really enjoy their classes.  Their teachers are so sweet and they always have several  friends they know there to play with.  Shane and I get to work out together and it's kind-of  like a mini date for us;)

After the Y, we had a little surprise planned for the kids. We took them to watch the Paralympic Sled Hockey trials, which were being held at our local rink and open for the public to come enjoy.
We got to see the fierce competition between the  USA team and their biggest rival, team Canada. 
This game was their final competition before heading to the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in a few weeks.
Several of the players were amputee's, and many of them had been wounded in war.
During the game, we sat right behind a gentlemen who was waving a Marine flag. Shane, being a former marine himself, quickly struck up a conversation. The man told us that he was there to support his son's best friend, Josh.  His told us the story of how his sons squad had been serving  in Afghanistan, and while on a routine mission, they stepped on an explosive device. This man's son was miraculously unharmed, but his friend, Josh, was not so lucky. The son was able to pull Josh out of danger and get him the help he needed, but Josh lost both his legs in the ordeal. This man's son is still serving in Afghanistan today, but the father was at the game to show his support and love for Josh-who is now a starter on the paralympic sled hockey team.
So amazing!
As we sat there and watched these men compete, we were blown away by their drive and athleticism. 
Many of those men had to overcome great obstacles in life in order to reach their goals.
I'm sure there were many times they wanted to give up and quit, but they preserved through the challenges and it's paid off.
What an inspiration they were,
 and what a blessing it was to see these amazing hero's compete!
And our fingers are crossed that you'll be bringing home the GOLD in the 2014 winter games!


Tracy said...

That's awesome that you all got to go to the game and meet someone so special!!

Brian & Ashley said...

How cool! Go Team USA!! So thankful to everyone that has served and is currently serving in our military!