Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside!

 When the weather dips down into the single digits around these parts, everything goes into shut down mode. No, there isn't an inkling of snow on the ground,  but it is freezing COLD outside Frigid, really! For us thin blooded southern folks, anything below freezing is considered arctic-like and we aren't cut out for it! As silly as it may sound, the south really isn't equipped to handle the extreme cold. Water pipes burst,  power outages happen, and schools close. 
Actually for us, the boys have had a two hour delay to their school day this week, and Sophie's preschool has not opened.
If I'm honest, it's actually been really nice to kind-of ease back into the school routine.  After being on Christmas break, starting our day at a much slower pace is a welcomed treat!
Both of my girls are fighting colds too, so it's been nice for them to just rest at home! 
Since it's been too cold to venture out these days, the littles and I have tried to stay busy (and warm) in the house.

There may be no snow outside, but the kids had a blast making these coffee filter snowflakes inside! 
And we now have a lovely display of colorful snowflakes hanging on our back door. 
Fingers are crossed that we will see some REAL snow this winter;)
 But when there's no snow in the forecast any time soon, we just pretend and get silly in the kitchen with our own "snow"!
I added just a bit of food coloring to some shaving cream and the littles were happy to sit and play for an hour!
When the boys got home from school in the afternoon, they helped me make these bad boys from the pioneer woman!!!
The recipe took a little time to make, but was ABSOLUTELY worth it!!!!! These homemade doughnuts just melt in your mouth,  and are bet-you-can't-eat-just-one-GOOD!!!
We have another two hour delay today, so I promised the boys doughnuts and hot cocoa for breakfast!
  A sweet start to another COLD day!


Tracy said...

I love the home made snow flakes! I'm going to have to do that with my kiddos. I think they'd really enjoy making them. We live in OK and it's been very cold here too!

Kayla Danback said...

I love your family and your blog. I've been following your blog for a while and have read from the beginning to present. Your love of adoption and foster care has really inspired my husband and I. We are currently working on our foster care lisence. Miss "A" time with your family was wonderful to see. I am wondering if you ever hear about how she is doing these days? Your family is so sweet and y'all's love for The Lord is so wonderful to see.
A friend in Christ,

Courtney said...

It has been super cold here like
-40 so we were out of school Monday and Tuesday. It has been nice to ease back in with a three day week.

Brian & Ashley said...

We haven't had any snow either, but of course, the day after we left my parent's house in Indiana they got 6" and then 2 days later, they got 12.5".