Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Check-ups and the SWEETEST play date EVER!!

So today we headed to the doctor for Hudson and Addy-Kate's check-ups. This was Hudson's four year old visit and Addy-Kate's three year old visit. I'm thrilled to report that they both are healthy and strong--which is such a blessing from the Lord. Addy-Kate is growing like a little weed! She's put on SIX whole pounds and has grown 2 1/2 inches since her last visit! Just Incredible!!!
After our check-ups we headed to the mall to meet up with several other adoptive friends for a fun play date!
Some of these sweet ladies I had already met, but several I had not! Those that I had not officially met yet, I had followed their journey to China and back via facebook or their blog.  What a blessing it was to finally hug each of their necks and love on their sweet babies.
  Looking at this picture makes me tear up.
 I just cannot get over the fact that each one of these precious little girls was born on the other side of the world. And then according to the Lord's perfect plan, and in His perfect timing, each of them ended up at a play date in a mall in North Carolina!!!
Each one of them hand picked by Him to be a special part of our families, and each one an amazing miracle!
Adoption ROCKS, y'all!!!!
It totally ROCKS!!!!