Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Sweet Saturday

 We enjoyed a simple and low-key kind-of Saturday. I love it when we don't have much planned and  can just relax and enjoy a quiet day together. That's all going to change really soon as we gear up for the beginning of spring soccer. This year, four of our kiddos will be playing, so Saturday mornings will be filled with game after game after game;)
 It's gonna be super BUSY, but super FUN! 
We can't wait!
We spent some time with Shane's grandparents on Saturday. They recently moved into a assisted living home about 40 minutes away from us.
 Our MawMaw's health is declining quickly and it's really hard to watch...especially for Shane. He simply adores his sweet grandma and hates to see her getting worse.
We pray that donuts and hugs from the kids made her feel just a little better;) 
Then Saturday evening, we got together with our good friends, the Robinson's, for dinner and games.
They challenged our family to a friendly "Just Dance" competition and we eagerly accepted their invitation.
We had the best time together and laughed until our stomachs hurt. 
I think the pictures definitely speak for themselves and show WHO really had those "Moves Like Jagger"-HA!

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Sarah said...

family and friends and RELAXING?! what could be better! and, let's just be honest... an hour watching bryan "dance" offers more than enough laughter to carry you through a new week! :)